Jakarta Economic Justice

An iOS App to spread awareness


Jakarta has a significant inequality of income between the urban wealthy class and the poor rural class. While Indonesia has experienced a high rate of economic growth in the last decade, only a small percent of the population has seen reflective benefits, resulting in this inequality.

Jakarta has been an economic hotspot throughout its long history; however, over the last few decades, it has seen exceptional economic growth from international companies, a boom in tech start-ups and a flourishing tourism industry. While these all seem like contributors to a healthy growing economy, they are aiding the people unequally: the rich, urban population is seeing almost all the benefits, while the poorer rural population suffers.


This issue is important because a huge percent of the Indonesian population is living in poverty, even as their country’s economy becomes more and more lucrative. As a country involved in international events and policies, and with the power to address the injustices in the world, it is important that we understand the severity of this issue.

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Although many countries face a similar economic strife as Jakarta, this city has a relatively extreme gap between its socio-economic classes, and these classes are being further divided at an alarming rate. With severe issues like this, the most important ways to help are spreading awareness of the problem in order to keep the general public informed, and to show users the impacts of these economic flaws and how they degrade a population’s quality of life through photos and research—that is what I hope to do through publishing this app.

As a first step, anyone who uses social media can tweet, post, or reach out using the hashtag #Justice4Jakarta to spread awareness!

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  1. April 27, 2018 by Hanalie.Reichel Reply

    What a cool idea! It’s super interesting using technology and social media to actually make a difference instead of the usual basic stuff. I love all the media components on your page. Great Job!

  2. April 27, 2018 by John.Shrewsberry Reply

    Fascinating topic. I love the concept of raising awareness for social justice issues through social media. By having the solution be accessible, I feel like more people will be inclined participate and make change. Nice job.

  3. April 27, 2018 by Rachel Dauby Reply

    Nice topic, quality research. I’d like to know how much of an effect social media has on raising awareness, and if you plan to implement your awareness-raising campaign. What’s the next step for Jakarta?

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