Have you ever been to a bad party?

Well, I have…

Pitch – Idea, motivation etc…

“There are 3 main things that a party needs: food, drinks and people. If you take one of those out it won’t work”

Problem: Often, parties, and events are not well organized (lack food or drinks) because of how time-consuming and hard it is, and this ruins the party.

Solution: UrPaty, an app that takes all of the items necessary to your party. You basically fill out a “form” with all that you want, and we provide everything. A few hours before the event, a team of workers goes and organized everything for you.

Next Steps…

  • Understand the execution behind it (how would I get the workers, how would I manage transportation, what money would be used at the beginning, what would I do if there were many parties the same day)
  • Update my Business Model Canvas

How can you help me?

  • Let’s chat for a second…

Thank you!

Any other questions you can contact me and I am welcome to talk about my startup.

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  1. April 24, 2020 by TJ Abbazia

    THIS IS AMAZING! I saw the name of your project and was thrown off for a second, but after watching your video, I don’t regret clicking on it for a second! Your idea is so fun and ingenious, if you really did create this app, I would use it in a heartbeat, and I’m sure many of my friends would do the same! If you ever choose to pursue this I’ll be one of your first customers!

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