What is the Catalyst Conference? One of the largest online conferences for and by students, the Catalyst Conference presents hundreds of student projects designed to spark change in local communities. These interactive, multimedia projects are the culmination of weeks of work in Global Online Academy and on-campus classes. Conference attendees are invited to learn, interact, and share stories with our student presenters. See our award winners from last year and 2017 as well!

Who presents at the conference? Who attends? In 2018, more than 430 students from 10 countries representing 64 different schools in 11 countries will present at the conference. These presentations are capstone projects for GOA and on-campus courses. The conference is free, and attendees are encouraged to show their support by engaging with projects via comments, discussion, or other interactive activities. Share this link freely and widely! Visitors should register (“Register” above) in order to interact and vote for conference awards.

Who can I contact about this conference? We’d love to hear from you at GOA, please use our contact page.

When is the conference? Announced soon!

Where is the conference? The conference is an asynchronous event and, after it opens, projects can be accessed at goaconference.org at any time. Most of the activity and back and forth interaction on presentation pages will take place during the conference.

How do I participate infographic: