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Hello, My name is Kiefer Stallings. I am a student at The Delta School in Wilson, Arkansas. I have been studying food insecurity. In particular, the ocean running out of fish. In this article, I will give you information, how to help, and why to help. I realized this was a problem when my class took an overnight trip to Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. This is an international charity that gives animals to people in developing and already developed countries and teaches people about food insecurity.

The ocean is running out of fish, this is a huge problem for some countries. Recently fishermen have not been catching near as many fish as they did 50 years ago. Why is this? It’s because of people overfishing and also buying from unsustainable sources. This is a problem as well. There are many countries that fish are their primary animal protein source if they run out they can die.

Here is how you can help. Buy fish with the Marine Stewardship Council log to  It looks like a checkmark with a little fish under it. This logo shows that the source of fish is sustainable, you want to buy products with that logo because they can keep providing fish. Products without this logo cannot keep providing because they don’t have ways for the fish to keep reproducing due to overfishing. Also, tell others about how this is a problem, that will help even more then you just buying from certain places.

I think that this is a horrible thing, and so many others do as well. This is bad because they will run out of food and die. I don’t want that to happen, and neither should you. If the people of these countries die there will be a shortage of your everyday products as well. This is a good reason that everyone should pay attention, by buying from sustainable sources.

Places that eat fish as a protein source usually don’t have “safe places” for fish. They always fish near the banks so the fish have to retreat. This is really bad if the fish run out they could die. They need to have a “safe place” for the fish because they overfish.

Overfishing is when people catch more than they need, so the fish die for no reason. They can prevent that by having a designated spot for fish to stay without being caught, therefore they can keep reproducing.

Safe places for fish are great! Here are the pros of safe places. This is a selected section that no fishers are allowed to fish. This gives the fish a place to breed, this will help with the sustainability of overfishing in the area. When the fish leave the zone they can be caught, this helps the regulate the number of fish. There are really no cons of a safe place for the fish.

I decided to make an app for ocean sustainability because it is a project for my other GOA class and a project at school. This was a good way to get all of my work done, and I can show what I learned in different classes. This is the QR code below to see my app. If you scan it with your camera it should show a browser link. Just click the link and you can use my app.

Those are the reasons that overfishing is a problem for some big countries that eat a lot of fish. The risk for them losing a huge source of food is growing daily. Hopefully, you and everyone you tell. can help by buying from sustainable sources.

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  1. April 30, 2019 by Frieda

    Hi! I really like your project. As someone who’s a pescetarian and gets most of their protein from seafood, I had no idea about all of the issues the fishing industry has. I feel like we always hear about issues with beef and chicken production, but not fish. Your project really brings this to light. Just wondering, did you find anything about how plastic in the ocean has affected fish/fishing?

  2. April 30, 2019 by Morgan.Reece

    Hi Kiefer, I really like your topic and I think you provided some good information. Although, I wish I could see more visuals about the consequences of things you talked about, like overfishing, I think it’s really cool that you made an app. I checked in out and was able to get some more information about your topic there.

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