Are Endurance Athletes Eating Enough?


BALANCE was created after I experienced the difficulties of being an endurance athlete and trying to get the sufficient nutrition that I needed to perform to my best level. I was inspired during this process of correcting my own personal eating to create the app BALANCE and help other endurance athletes like myself. 


BALANCE is an app that helps athletes track how much they are eating each day in correlation to the amount of training that they have. It is a purely unique app since it is built purely for the endurance athlete. 


To find out how to make the best possible product we reached out to many endurance atheltes on theit eating patterns. We heard back from over 70 atheletes who span from rowers, swimmers, cross-country runners, skiiers, and many other endurance sports.  What was so fascinating to hear was the range of responses from different athletes, but also how some still needed some help. Some of their answers were…

A lot of bananas, apples, Welch’s fruit snacks, peanut butter and oatmeal

I don’t usually snack after practice since I go straight to breakfast or dinner most of the time

82% of respondents think that they eat enough, however, 27% do not eat breakfast every day

I eat 309 calories above what I calculate I need per day just as backup

How Can You Help?

The next steps for making BALANCE as effective as possible is by continuing to hear from endurance athletes on what they want in an app.  Please fill out the attached survey so that I can continue to hear how endurance athletes eat on a daily basis. 

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