Are the classes that we are taking in high school truly helping to prepare us for college and the real world after?

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The classes that we are taking in high school during our junior and senior year help us to learn new things, but are they really preparing us for what life is going to be like during and after college? I don’t think so. In fact, none of the classes I have taken my junior year or this year have been helpful towards preparing me for life after school, primarily because no “good to know!” classes are offered at Country day. 

My first step in this process was coming up with a list of all the classes and courses that we take senior and junior year in high school. By creating the list of classes I was then able to go through them with some of my classmates and talk about which ones are helpful and which ones are necessary for learning purposes but not helpful in the way of preparing us for college and life after college. I sent them a survey and asked for them to select a percentage of how helpful they think that these classes are. Here are the percentages that they selected:

  • math classes : 65%
  • english classes : 40%
  • history classes : 20%
  • science classes : 50%
  • language classes : 35%
  • other art electives : 15%

After getting all of my classmates’ thoughts on which classes are the most helpful, I then took the data to two of my teachers. They were then able to go through the list of our current classes with me and help decide which ones would be the easiest to drop and then also give me insight as to which classes actually helped them adjust after high school.

The first teacher that I talked to was my Art 400 teacher. When told me some classes that she took her senior year of high school that were super helpful to her during and after college. The classes she was referring to were general life practicality classes like: home-ec, budgeting, tax classes, and other classes that teach you how to do simple life tasks. After talking to her it helped me start to create a list of classes that would be useful and more beneficial for us highschool students instead of classes like history and english language. 

I also talked to my AP Environmental Science teacher, who was also able to talk to me and inform me of classes that she took in high school that were extremely beneficial during college. They were pretty much the same classes that Ms. Mulzer took, but that helped me realize how helpful those classes must have been.

Overall, I have come to realize that most of the classes that we take junior and senior year aren’t teaching us anything to prepare us for college and life after we graduate college. Through this process I have come up with a list of classes that I think would be extremely beneficial for us to take before heading off to college. Let me know what you guys think!!

  • Personal Finance Class (business and marketing)
  • Taxes Class (teaches how to do your taxes)
  • Budgeting Class (teaches how to spend your money wisely)
  • Resume Building Class (teaches interview skills)
  • Home-Ec Class (teaches how to do simple around the house tasks)
  • Cooking and Nutrition Class
  • Automotive Care Class (teaches how to fix your car)
Global Goal #4

I would say that my topic would have to fit into the Quality Education Global Goal because the classes that you take during your high school years are some of the most important classes that you are going to need before going off to college. Though most of the classes that are provided aren’t helpful and beneficial to us seniors preparing to be sent off to live on our own with no parents, they can be upgraded into courses that would be more useful.

Don’t get me wrong… but the classes that we take in high school are not as helpful and beneficial as they should be, and that’s why the quality of our education should be maximized into these classes that I have come up with in order to prepare us for what is to come in the future.



  1. Hey Liza!

    I really love this idea of incorporating these classes into our curriculum in order to better prepare us for the real world. Do you think there would be any room in this curriculum for a class on mental health(learning about mental health disorders and also how we can take care of our own mental health). I would love to collaborate with you at some point! What is your next step? Talk to the head of school?

  2. Hi Liza,

    This is a really interesting topic, as I am a high schooler myself, I also realize that many of the courses that I take are actually not that interesting to me and don’t benefit me much in the future. I especially like how you created 7 classes that you deemed to be the most important so we have a general direction to where we need to go. Once again, thanks so much and I truly believe that a better system could benefit many high schoolers in the future.

  3. Hi Liza! Your project was really inspiring. I haven’t thought that we need more classes that teach us practical techniques or lessons useful in later life. As a student, I remember forgetting all the knowledge I learned throughout a year or more a few months after the exam because it wasn’t really helpful in my life. I also like your ideas about the new classes we need, and I think if there isn’t enough time for students to take additional courses, classes like finance and resume building can be added to other classes such as economies and psychology. Great job!

  4. Hi Liza! Your collection of data is very interesting to me. I had no idea so many students have similar beliefs on which classes they feel are helpful and which are not. I love how you provided a list of classes you believe will help solve the problem. I think this is definitely an issue that needs more light shone on it especially to help with upcoming generations. Great job!

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