Description of Awards

All awards are placed on projects after being granted. During the conference, a filter will appear on the main conference page to collect award-winning projects. GOA Citations are announced during the conference. The Audience Choice Award is announced just after the conference concludes, and the Catalyst for Change Prize will be announced by May 3, 2021.

Audience award

The Audience Choice Award recognizes student projects that capture the greatest audience attention and enthusiasm, as revealed by the likes and comments left by conference participants on them.

GOA Citations go to student projects that demonstrate target outcomes impressively and that resulted from an exemplary process, which included careful, thorough research and excellent crafting of a beautiful question and shaping of an original and well considered response to it. These projects raise awareness and promote grassroots actions and institutional change. Teachers nominate students to receive this citation.

The Catalyst for Change Prize is awarded to student projects that present the most compelling and inspiring case for change. Using their experiences supporting the Catalyst Conference over the last four years, the GOA team worked together, with input from faculty, to identify the projects with the greatest potential for making an impact.