Bullying- A trauma that scars victims

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This is a guide for teachers to analyze signs of bullying in their classroom and how to provide help and a safe space for their students.

Below is a video introduction explaining how this research aims to bring light to the serious issue of bullying and how educators need to consider it a serious type of childhood trauma. 

Childhood trauma came to be classified as a trauma since its impacts are noticeable even after childhood. This infographic shows how bullying can lead to serious issues, such as depression and anxiety, and how teachers can spot it in the classroom, and ways to help. 


The Dangers of Bullying (PDF)

The Padlet bellow was made for viewers to share their personal experiences with bullying, and the effects that it had on them. This allows people who have experienced this trauma before to hear from others, and how they handle the after effects, and for the people that never experienced it, to gain awareness of the impact it has on a person. (Responses are anonymous) 



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