Can a Centralized Studying Platform Help Us Study Faster, with Better Results?

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Introducing StudyFlow


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StudyFlow aims to centralize studying by providing high quality educational material and a smart structure for learning. 

I think StudyFlow could probably be designed much better than this prototype (if it got expert feedback + more work). Still, here is what my prototype addressed: 

Good educational material:

  • video lessons for the selected subject
  • key terms search — linked to flashcards

Smart structure:

  • flashcards customized for the selected subject
  • pomodoro technique timer (50 min work, 10 min break, repeat)

Business Model Canvas (BMC) 


Thank you so much for viewing my project, I really appreciate it! If you’d like to share thoughts, observations, ideas about StudyFlow, please drop a comment down below. Again, I think the current prototype is not the best design for StudyFlow, so I’m not wanting it to be perfect now and am happy to hear anything. Thanks!

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  1. This is such a great tool with so many real life applications! I could really use this. How do you think you could automate this system to become fully customizable and able to help with specific classes?

  2. Amazing work! /Lena

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