by Aysha Saar


by Aysha Saar

Architecture and art have the power to convey a sense of inclusion through color and form. By including sustainable energy as well as the influence of composition represented in the walls of my structure, I aspire to convey a sense of order in the midst of chaos in my architectural design. 


The main goal of my project is to improve the lives of the many refugees who reside in Jordan. Because of their inadequate situations in their home country, many individuals choose to leave in search of a better life. Jordan manages to provide basic humanitarian needs for refugees from all over the world. For my project, I choose to design a school for refugee children to continue their learning which would provide a sense of hospitality,  a right to education, as well as ensure a safe environment. 


The users of my project would be the children refugees who reside in Jordan. According to Human Rights Watch’s World Report of 2020, during 2018, over 600,000 Syrians sought refuge in Jordan and over 85 percent of Syrians lived outside of refugee camps. Jordan also hosted asylum seekers from countries such as Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, etc. Creating a space such as a school in which the youth are able to receive basic human needs such as a safe shelter as well as education.


The needs for the users would include a structure in which the children are able to continue their education, a bathroom, an area that provides access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, as well as access to sustainable energy. Provide a green area/ field in which children and people are able to socialize and play sports. The school should have a large indoor area in which children are able to interact and learn, this would include a dining hall, study desks, bathroom, and multiple rooms for classrooms.



Designing a school located near the isolated Emirati Jordanian Camp for Syrian refugees. The Emirati Jordanian Camp was made for refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War. Opened because of the overflow of the Zaatari Camp, the largest refugee camp in Jordan. The Emirati Camp was funded by the United Arab Emirates; however, is located in Jordan. 




By educating ourselves about the issues present in the Middle East, we can find ways in which we can help to provide beneficial conditions for refugees around the world. One way we can do so is to donate to asylum seekers and provide a change in the lives of refugees. The Refugee School in Jordan and various camps resolve multiple aims of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals such as zero hunger, good health, education, clean energy, sustainability, and various others. The future is in the hands of the youth and providing them with high-quality education should be an aspect every human being should receive. 



In the comments below, please share (1) aspects that were new to you and broadened your perspectives about refugees around the world, (2) what impact would you like to make with this idea, (3) ways in which you might be planning to speak out and spread the word to people around you regarding this issue. 


I would love to hear from you in supportive and constructive ways. Feedback on any part of this project is welcome. 



  1. Hi Aysha,
    I really love your idea and how you brought it to life! I particularly like the colorful design that you added on the outside of your building and how you included it on the inside. I think this is such an interesting topic and I will definitely do more research and donate to asylum seekers to change the lives of refugees.
    Nice work!

  2. Your Catalyst Project shows a lot of attention to detail and care. I think that your Call to Action is very inspiring, especially the last sentence: “The future is in the hands of the youth and providing them with high-quality education should be an aspect every human being should receive. ” That really resounded in me. Your SketchUp drawings and design of the school are really beautiful, and I really appreciate the different angles that you gave. You should be really proud of your work.

  3. Hi Aysha! I love your mood board and consideration of a range of bright colors which can certainly uplift the atmosphere. Your school model also includes a lot of windows and the lighting can definitely bring a better sense of openness and brightness. I love what you have done and I will continue to learn more about education among refugees and ways to get involved!

  4. Hi Aysha! First of all, I was really impressed by your 3D model, especially how you managed to add so much detail such as furniture and wall decorations to really bring your design to life. I also really like the design elements shown in your mood board, such as the bright colors, which gave your building a really distinctive style and make it feel really warm and welcoming! Overall, I think your project would do a great job promoting awareness on refugee issues; Awesome job!

  5. Hi Aysha!

    I really enjoyed how you incorporated aspects of King’s Academy such as Harkness tables and solar panels into your design. Before your presentation, I was not aware of the Emirati Jordanian Camp for Syrian Refugees, which broadened my perspective on the number of displaced peoples, and how nations have provided for them. With this idea, I would love to work with others in Jordan to implement designs in Refugee camps, or even try and spread awareness/ provide people with ways they can help. Since I also attend King’s Academy, working along with you and others within our community would be a great way to make a difference!

    Great work.

  6. Hello Aysha, I like how detailed your floor plan and model is. It is very affective in portraying your idea. I also like how you use a lot of solar panels. This will make the building sustainable and cut costs on electricity. Overall, great project.

  7. Hello Aysha, I like how detailed your floor plan and model is. It is very affective in portraying your idea. I also like how you use a lot of solar panels. This will make the building sustainable and cut costs on electricity. I think this is a feasible project that needs to be implemented as soon as possible. Overall, great project.

  8. Hi Aysha! You chose an incredibly important topic to address and did a great job turning the idea into a clear, effective design. Your model displays the idea very well, and the colorful walls are a super fun touch that adds personality to the building. Great job!!

  9. Aysha I love how your space adress’s your question by also being colorful and welcoming. Children would need a space where they would feel that warmth and you clearly show that by having the space so connected in the floor plan. You were clearly very detailed in your work!

  10. Hi Aysha! I found your project so interesting. I really liked how you justified your usage of symmetry. I think your SketchUp design was stellar and helps the audience to really get a feel of what your building would be like.

  11. I liked Aysha’s project. the sketchup drawing looked very professional and time consuming. The detail with the classrooms and interior was very good. I also liked the project because she is doing it for a good cause to help refugees.

  12. Aysha!! I’m so glad i got to see you work through this project! It turned out wonderful!

  13. Hi Aysha! Wow! Your project is so great! The attention to detail was clear and I want to commend you on how well thought out each and every aspect of your project was! The large windows and colorful aesthetic and carefully planned out rooms perfectly encapsulate the combination of form and function needed in architecture. Amazing work!

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