Can we Empower Neighborhoods to Help the Climate Crisis Through Their Shared Experiences and Solutions?



HabiLink allows people to make a difference in the world around them when they can feel so small in the center of a crisis so big.

How big are the climate crisis and environmental concerns in your life? Big? Have you heard about it online, through family, your city, or school? I know that for me, this issue of global warming and the effect humans have on the Earth has been a huge and hard part of my life. I have done so much research on my own and during school on what is actually happening. I follow social media accounts and watch activists take charge. All of this information is just too overwhelming though. It is so global and huge, it makes me feel so small. This is why my startup idea, HabiLink, is an app that tries to solve that problem. It links small communities and neighborhoods together to share their experiences and solutions. It allows people to post newly learned ideas and also connect on an already shared crisis. We also provide a “how-to” guide on different simple and easy solutions you can do to help your impact. HabiLink makes each individual feel so much bigger in a crisis already so daunting. 

So How Does Your “HabiLink” Fit Into the Climate Crisis?

To begin, I want to give you a chance to put yourself in perspective of the world. I want you to put your impact into perspective: Residential energy use is the 3rd largest energy consumer in the world. About 35% of the average energy consumed by a household is wasted. Take a look at the information below to get a sense of the basics: 

I have done some research on the average residential homes in the US. Below are some numbers that I found astonishing, here are the projected uses of energy in 2021:

*Televisions and related INCLUDING: set-top boxes, DVD, video game boxes and consoles
*Computers and related INCLUDING: desktop and laptop, monitors, networking equipment *Clothes washers (does not include water heating)
I did a survey of my neighborhood and school faculty/staff. I received so much support and many more responses than I had expected but this survey told me a lot about my community and my decision to create HabiLink.

Okay… What Would HabiLink Actually Look Like?

Well, here is the basic version of it. Once you see the magnitude of the need for HabiLink in our potential customers, there is no forgetting it. For me, the pain from our target audience was too big to be ignored. That is why HabiLink is so excited to help! Below is a very basic prototype for what HabiLink would look like:

With more time and careful thought, this would be more colorful, engaging, and better well-rounded. Please let me know your immediate response with the button below!

Can we See Your “3 Offers” in Action? Yes! Come and Join Elizabeth, a New User:

Elizabeth is a (fake) new user on HabiLink. She has downloaded it from her friend, Jackie, who lives next to her as it has been all the new rage in her neighborhood! Together, she and her friend set up HabiLink. After setting up Elizabeth’s profile, Jackie says, “Let’s see people have posted today! Look, David has posted something about an article. Let’s take a look.” After reading the article and replying to David with words of interest, Elizabeth is astonished by the support from the app and its users. “Wow! That article was so eye-opening! Let’s do a little more digging on this topic of composting.” Jackie laughs and says: 

“Haha, well no worries. On the app, go to “Information for You!” and then just search it.” Elizabeth opens the information tab and finds articles on all different topics. She scrolls through on a couple of them and then goes to the search bar to continue her initial interest in composting. (Here and Here are two very informative articles on composting!) After a while of discussion and research, Elizabeth was inspired to start composting herself but isn’t sure how to start. She tells Jackie this and together they work it out: 

“Don’t worry, Elizabeth! Let’s do it together! On the app, go to the home page but click on “How-to Guide” instead. There, look at the deals for new composters! Let’s pick one together and we’ll start Monday!” From then on, Elizabeth and Jackie grow their relationship with their neighborhood and even started a “composting group”!  


What Would We Need to Make This Happen?

In total, we would mainly need a team of dedicated activists that are invested in the app. Below is my BMC that outlines HabiLink and its beginning: 

The BMC covers what kind of customers we are looking for, how we would reach them, the “key” elements of starting HabiLink, and other cost information.

Your Needed Feedback:

Now that you have seen and read about HabiLink, I would love it if you could tell me a little bit about your experience with it (so far). Any feedback about the design, idea, general thought, etc. (really, anything) I would greatly appreciate. If you do not have any feedback, I would love for you to answer this question: Would You Use HabiLink? You can give me any type of answer. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed. 



  1. Hi Freya, I really love this idea! By creating this platform not only are you making it easier for people to reduce their carbon footprint, but also connect with eachother. I love the idea of communities coming together over the shared goal of helping the world! I have no doubt that HabiLink could motivate its users to go out and make a change.

  2. Don’t let go of this idea! We all need it! /Lena

    1. Hello, Lena! I am so glad that you took the time to review it! Thank you for everything!

  3. Hi Freya, I love your idea so much! I could see myself using Habilink, as I frequently feel so small in the midst of this very large and concerning issue. I like that you included a specific visual of what HabiLink would look like as an app. I think partnering with suppliers of environmentally sustainable tools is a great revenue stream for your company; when there are people who care about the environment but feel lost on where to start, your app can direct them to local stores/websites that provide equipment such as composts. Good job, and I hope HabiLink will soon become a reality (and let me know if it does)!

    1. Hello, Sherry! Thank you so much for reading my post, I am so glad to hear that you think it is a good idea and that you can clearly see the impact it could have. After all, that is the main purpose of it!

  4. Hi, Charlie! Thank you so much for your feedback. I love your use of “motivate”, I am so happy that that is a word you used when talking about HabiLink. (that was one of my main goals when creating it!)

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