Can you leave your clothes in a bag after a workout or on the go, and they will be cleaned?

Target Audience: enthusiasts about sports, people who are always on the go  

After a long workout, you have sweaty and dirty clothes, but with CleanBag all you need to do is put your clothes inside, and with UV lights and O3 the clothes will be sanitised and deodorised all with a push of a button!(UV lights and O3 is the same stuff astronauts use to clean their clothes in space!)   

“That would be revolutionary and innovative”

Graded the American School of São Paulo Track and field coach

3 sizes available

Small Bag
Medium Bag
Big Bag

All of them equipped with top of the line technology 

Business model Canvas

Now it is up to you!

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  1. April 27, 2020 by Maile Cheung

    Hi Caio! I think this is an awesome idea! Any athlete or anyone for that matter would definitely want one of these. I myself would use one of these, especially since I always have my sweaty gym clothes sitting in my bag after practice/workout. Great job!

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