Catalyst Conference

Introduction to this topic

My topic for catalyst is air pollution, which is a major problem for developing countries China, where they have more than 2.8 million without considering the size. This is a major problem in China because group Berkeley Earth estimated that 1.6 million people died in 2015 China, by breathing unclean air.

Air pollution are air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. It is formed as we burn Fossil fuel, coal or petroleum, turning into small particles which are sharp enough to stick or penetrate through our skin and lungs. It becomes a problem as it causes cancer, disease, or even disability for human, and causes damage to the environment by changing ozone layer, or creating acid rains. 

The main resource I’ve used was wikipedia and google search, because China doesn’t release their data if they think it will cause damage them, and Beijing (where I’m living) didn’t have a bad air quality past few days. While using google search engine, I mostly focused on the 5 Ws (who, when , what, where, how) to get all my answers for this research, but also find organizations that releases some data about China.

The solution is to use less fuels, less plastic products, and use clean energy. The only problem is that it is hard to not use plastic products, less chance that factory will stop producing(when it goes to money problem) , and would the country control when their economy isn’t doing very well.

15 ideas prototyping process

These are the 15 designs that I have ideated during the start of catalyst conference, mostly general informative poster, with few simple poster without much information. During the process, I’ve planned to use drawings with bitmap program, however, thought that it wouldn’t be good unless I draw it good, so decided to use hotoes in my project.

Before going through my actual prototype, I’ve taken the photo first as on the below

with this photo, I’ve simply edited with Microsoft power point and create my new prototype based on this photo

New prototype

I’ve moved the picture to Medibang paint, which is a bitmap program I use for editing and drawing, and edited the edge of the picture, because I thought that the soft picture wasn’t matching with the sharp edge.

Because Medibang doesn’t  allow a bigger font than 128p, I’ve used Microsoft PowerPoint once again, took a screen shot of the phrase and pasted on my Medibang canvas.

Before finishing the poster, I’ve thought that I’d need some more informational content within the poster, but there was no idea, so I’ve decided to made a second version of the final with Photoshop and Medibang

With Photoshop, I’ve edited text as vector, then I’ve moved back to Medibang to ad in text information within the words

and also added the photo from the first version, and clipped on to the phrase “Pol”

Start another new project, but more informational
Make the picture more appearing
Place information in a better spot so it is easier to see
I don’t like you, Whatever you do it will look bad

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