Do you ever find that the details of your daily events do not have a place on your calendar?

Our mission. While people are spending more time at home than ever before, our mission is to help families and roommates live together efficiently while maintaining positive and healthy relationships with one another.

“Knowing where we need to be at what time and, even more so, what it will take to get there… that’s key to our routine.” – Melissa Spooner (mother of two)

Help your family, your roommate, and your schedule with the ultimate planning app.

Our story. With my brother, my mom, and my dad, it’s always a competition to determine who gets to use the car, the treadmill and a challenge to ensure that we all get what we need at the grocery store.

While we plan out our events and when we will have free time on our calendar and our tasks in our planners, it is still impossible to track the details of seeing these plans through.

Entrepreneurial process. I knew there had to be a solution for my problem, but I could not find anything in the App Store or online. Beginning with thorough customer research to see if others were facing with a similar challenge, I created my BMC (see below), and formed a plan for what Piece of Mind could be.

I have learned the importance of making sure that there is a need for an idea before embarking on a start-up journey and all that is to be gained from gathering new and varying perspectives in the customer research process.

After speaking with college students and apartment owners with roommates, I have found that they are undoubtedly looking for an easier way to communicate with the people sharing their home.

Sometimes they need the dorm room quiet to study from 7pm-10pm the Thursday night before their big test or they want to have a movie night with friends on Saturday without having to navigate a challenging and awkward social situation.

Piece of Mind is here to do the work for you!

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution to the next steps and progress of Piece of Mind! Your time is greatly appreciated.

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