Espy: Why lose what’s worth keeping?

Hi, I’m Carlee!

I am a senior in high school in Pennsylvania, USA. I originally recognized the need for Espy in my local community when emails were sent out in the search for people’s lost belongings. So, I decided to something about it!

More details on Espy here, the Business Model Canvas.

“Do you all remember the 2016 water bottle flip challenge? The anguish when it was up in the air, the lows of the bottle landing on its side, and the highs of it finally landing upright. I would love to revive this trend, but unfortunately, I cannot. 
Last Friday, I lost my own treasured water bottle. It is a plastic bottle, and it says my name on the bottom in (faded) green sharpie. Anyone who is able to find and return this treasured item to me will win a prize.”

– One of the many of the “Lost Item” emails.

Why Espy?

The most significant detail that sets Espy apart from the other companies is the size and flexibility of the tracking sticker. The easy flexibility allows you to place the tracking sticker on curved surface areas such as a water bottle or the handle of an umbrella. The casing and adhesive make the product waterproof and reusable. The small size of the tracking sticker allows the tracker to be placed discretely on your items so that the visual aesthetics are not disturbed and you are still able to keep track of your belongings. At Espy, we aim to create a type of technology similar to Near Field Communication Chips (NFC) which would utilize the battery of our smartphone eliminating the need for a built-in battery. Because of this, the product is smaller, more durable, and cheaper than that of other companies in the industry.

Help Us Grow With Your Feedback!

Feedback on my product, company, and idea is welcomed in the comments below! This survey will allow you to support my consumer research as you fill out a few short questions on how this product would help you.

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  1. April 24, 2020 by Loucas X.

    I can assure you’ve I’ve already lost over 3,000 items… For this reason, your product is very intriguing and something I could very well see being useful for plenty of consumers! Good work.

  2. April 24, 2020 by Amaya

    Hey Carlee,

    I think this a great idea. I clicked on your project because I often find myself losing things. I think your idea is great and I love the fact that it is able to stick to any surface you want. Additionally, I love how there is no battery required since it is synced with your smartphone. I would definitely use this product!

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