Extending the life of books – How would a book buyback system help save money and the environment?

How many old books do you have laying around your house? Would you like to get some money back for those books you’re not going to read again? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

My name is Angus Manion and I am promoting a program for book buybacks with the goal of saving paper, trees, and money for those who can’t afford to purchase new books every few weeks for classes. 

How do you guys think I can improve upon my idea??

I would love to hear your feedback as I am planning to get my program up and running for my senior year!

Some Questions to Consider:

  • Would you use this program?
  • Do you think this is this is something that all schools could use?
  • How will the use of E-Texts and E-Books impact my program?


This here is my business model canvas, laying out how Angus’ Reclaimed Books will function

Do you have too many books on your shelves?

Do you want to get money for those books?

Would you participate in a book buyback program?


I would like to have this program be picked up my school because it will help a lot of people save money. Through this program, I would like to see less wasted books, which leads to wasted trees. This program is just as much a money saving program as it is an environmental program. 

I really would like people to participate in this because I was inspired by the stacks of books in my bookcase that are likely going to waste. I don’t want to see our trees and environment be ruined by books being thrown away.

My community has done countless things to help with the environment but books are often overlooked. With the thousands of students in the schools in my town, millions of pages and thousands of trees are being torn down when they don’t need to be. 

I tried to contact the financial office at my school, however I wasn’t able to get a reply, even after bugging them. So, if anybody viewing this page has any ideas on how to pitch this idea in a way that looks appealing to the financial office of a school, please feel free to comment and give me some tips!



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  1. April 24, 2020 by Ryan

    Hey Angus, I think that your pitch to the financial office would be most effective if you present your plan in a way that convinces them that your idea A) makes sense monetarily, and B) would be a good look for the school. I would see if you could gather some data in some form that proves the viability of your idea for the school’s pocketbook and a perhaps mention that you could write up a press release for the program that would give the school some good publicity.

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