What can people do to combat gerrymandering on the local Level?

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Here is an image depicting Gerrymandering.

What you need to know:

Gerrymandering definition: The practice of redrawing electoral districts to gain an electoral advantage for a political party.

Gerrymandering is manipulating political districts in order to benefit one political party. One common aspect of gerrymandering is creating districts in order to give the minority political party as little districts won as possible, to do this districts are manipulated and shaped into oblong shapes. This makes it harder for states to change from majority Republican to Democrat of vice-versa, because the controlling party will manipulate the political districts in order to secure a disproportionate amount of seats compared to the amount of the popular votes they won.

What can you do?

Gerrymandering my seem like an issue only those with great power and influence can correct. But many regular people uniting for a cause has been shown to have great affect. People can make a great influence by sending letters to your representatives and senators, bringing up the issue of gerrymandering as a issue of importance. Or you can raise awareness on social media. The best way to fight gerrymandering is to spread awareness and lobby congress people.

Is this actually important?

Do you understand why gerrymandering is bad? Will you take action? Let me know if this resonated with you in the comments below. 

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  1. April 25, 2020 by veda

    Great work! I thought it was really interesting how parties can literally weave their way to steal an election. Your graphic does a superb job of highlighting the importance of combatting gerrymandering.

    Do you think gerrymandering could ever be good?
    What are some specific examples of gerrymandering in history?

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