1. Hi Stuart, I really enjoyed looking at your design concept for a school in Louisville. As a student who goes to a school whose campus is primarily outdoors, I have realized the importance of having that connection with nature and the outside world every day at school. I think the school you designed has every aspect a kid would need to thrive in school both academically and mentally. There has never been a more important time to redesign how our school systems are set up than now, and I think this design does it perfectly.

  2. Hi Stuart, I enjoyed reading and looking at your project and idea. I thought that it was a wonderful idea to provide support for a stressful and an unconventional situation we have been through this past year. Health and well being is something that I have recently been interested in, and something that I value more due to what I have experienced in this past year.
    I also based my project on a similar topic, and tried to implement as much greenery into the space as possible. I think that the site and model you produced incorporate nature well, and I think it provides lots of sunlight, natural light, too, through windows and outside classrooms, which is also another beneficial element.
    Great job!!

  3. Hi Stuart! I enjoyed reading your presentation and I learned a lot of new information. I think this idea is very important right now because so many students around the world are experiencing this same problem. I go to school in person, but all of my classes are indoors. I think having classes that are more connected to the outdoors could improve students motivation and well-being during school. Great job!

  4. Hello Stuart! I think that you did an excellent job presenting your final project. You were precise and obviously very passionate about this subject. That passion that you have made your presentation that much better!

  5. Hi Stuart! I loved reading the presentation that you made because it really taught me a lot of stuff. This issue you are addressing is very important right now in life. Your sketches and drawing were really helpful in seeing your ideas. I hope you continue with this project. great job!

  6. Hi Stuart! I really like your project and I think that it does a great job of addressing a relevant issue. I am really impressed by the number of buildings you added and how much thought you put into each one. I also enjoy how the outdoor space and buildings are mixed together so that people get to walk outside while traveling between buildings. Great job!!

  7. Hey Stuart!
    Your project is really great and you explained everything very well. Having your slides also helped as I could understand everything. I also wanted to say, your models and awesome. Your design is very creative and unique. The use of geometric and organic shapes is great. Well done.

  8. Hi Stuart! The park site for your building sounds beautiful and beneficial to the students’ mental health. Mental health awareness and care has never been more important after this past year. I like how you included your preliminary and revised site plans and floor plans to help show your design process. It’s interesting to see how your project developed and transformed over time. Your revised site plan is very clear and easy to understand. Your final SketchUp design is impressive; I really like the organic curves incorporated throughout your design. Great job!

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