Helping the Homeless in LA


The homeless rate in LA has been dramatically increasing over the last 6 years and has left over 55,000 people living in the streets.

“Some of the poorest people in the city spend their days in the shadow of Los Angeles City Hall, napping on flattened cardboard boxes.
On any given day, as many as 20 people take to the City Hall lawn, across the street from LAPD headquarters. They’re there to ‘escape the madness’ in downtown streets, a 53-year-old homeless man named Lazarus said last week.”

  • L.A. Times


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  1. April 26, 2019 by Lenox.Hill

    I think that this is such an interesting topic. One thing I would recommend is that you add more statistics and demographics.

  2. April 27, 2019 by Anna

    Hey Wesley!
    I think you are talking about an important issue and bringing awareness to it! How do you think we can best catalyze change in the LA community or our own one? What are some small, medium, and large things that we can do to help out in our own ways?

  3. April 27, 2019 by Everett.Honour

    Hey Wesely! This topic is really interesting, and, while it is a big issue in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get that much attention outside of California. I think that you might want to find some stats to go along with your presentation so you can truly show the increasing rate of homelessness.

  4. April 28, 2019 by Olivia Hebert

    Homelessness is a major problem in my city, New Orleans, and I too believe the topic needs more awareness. What do you think could be a solution to decrease homelessness?

  5. May 01, 2019 by Justine Fellows

    Hi Wes. The app worked very well for me. How do you plan to use it to increase awareness? I look forward to hearing your ideas. Nice job!

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