How are people in the country adjusting to life during a nationwide lockdown?

Pandemic Response

Photography has the ability to convey more than one could just by speaking, therein making them so powerful and meaningful. It has the ability to convince so many in the world about anything. A photo is the same as a thousand words. This project, in hindsight, is to convey two very important things as we live in this world. One, we need to understand that this disease is spreading and social distancing is important. The other is to highlight the kind of response a country should see such that people are staying indoors and are safe. It is important that we, as citizens of the world, practice social distancing and keep each other safe and healthy for the forthcoming future. There are various ways people get impacted by such situations both physically, financially and emotionally.

Over the past few months, the world has been infiltrated by a deadly infectious disease known as Coronavirus, to be specific COVID-19 is a strand of the deadly coronaviruses. I have come to witness numerous people being ignorant to the severity of this disease, for example, Rudy Robert, a French basketball player did not believe the severity and touched mics which resulted in him testing positive for the coronavirus. This goes on to highlight the level of seriousness that people must develop in such a situation. 

Changemaker Interview

Disha Shah, Changemaker – Photo by Pranav

I had conducted my interview with a changemaker in the world of helping women gain a knowledge for financial literacy. However, there was something she said that made sense in the kind of world we are living in. She said that we have to educate the public about the issue so that they know what they need to do so that they are safe. It is important that we educate the public about such situations so that hey know how to react and how to go about life. As a result of the circumstances, there have been many issues all over the world that has shaken up the world and its citizens. People have lost their jobs and are struggling to live and are now living on a more day-to-day basis where they work to survive. Many people are getting laid off as businesses are having to shutdown because of regulations. 

What is being done and what I propose?

Police Barricade – Photo by Pranav

As of now, there are certain people  in the world that don’t understand the severity of the current pandemic and are not taking the protective measures required for the country. In the US, there are efforts to put states on lockdown, however, there are individuals that don’t necessarily listen to these efforts in every country. When there is a small percentage of the population that doesn’t listen to public efforts we will never be able to completely be safe or be protected from what is to come. 

Open Road – Photo by Pranav




Right now the number of cases in the world are approaching 1.6 million and this number is subject to rise as we speak. Without the cooperation of the citizens of the world, no one can create change within the society or community. A community needs to work together to create impact that would create an everlasting change. The death toll is approaching 120,000 which is increasing and reducing the survival rate of this disease. Without clear cooperation from one another there is no future one can look forward to other than being stuck inside of their homes.

It is essential that everyone in the world practices social distancing so that we can reduce the spread of the virus from person to person. This disease travels through person to person contact. Therefore, when I saw that there were no people or cars on the streets it meant that social distancing was in practice however it wasn’t necessarily working as India’s number increased because of a religious conference where 9000 people attended and the numbers have increased since that conference. Hopefully, individuals take this seriously and practice social distancing to reduce the spread.

Junction – Photo by Pranav

I think that, at the end of the day, it is important that we recognize the efforts of our own respective governments and embrace them so as to play a small role in putting this infectious disease to bed.


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  1. April 26, 2020 by Shari Abbott

    Pranav-your photographs effectively convey the level of cooperation people in Chennai are demonstrating. For someone who lives there, the contrast between your photos and a regular day are quite striking. Your photos link persuasively to your data on how social cooperation does actually flatten the curve. Your interviewee emphasizes that if people are educated to understand the benefit of social cooperation, they will obey. I wonder what examples from her own experience she is drawing on, and I wonder, since you took photos of police checkmarks, if you believe that the government must play an active roll in enforcing social cooperation. I know, for instance, that the city of Chennai and the city of Boston are both using fines to enforce rules about masks and social distancing. But Boston is an exception in the US, while Chennai is more a rule in India. I wonder, as concerns about the economies grow, if citizens will still be motivated to practice so diligently. Well done with thoughtful resources and photographs!

  2. April 26, 2020 by Harish

    Hey Pranav, the sense of urgency is very palpable through your effective use of statistics and your photography. Interviewing a changemaker increases the credibility for your main argument-educate the public at a faster rate. You mention social distancing as a solution to the current problem, but what do you think about other lockdown employed by different countries.

  3. April 27, 2020 by Emma McDermott

    Hi Pranav! I really enjoyed reading through your presentation and thought the topic was very relevant to today’s issues. Your pictures really spoke to me showing the effects of the virus and how once busy streets/roads are now empty. At least people are trying to stop the spread though! I enjoyed your graphics as well and thought your word to picture ratio was easy to read and organized. I appreciate your thorough research and focusing on such a relevant topic that affects us all.

  4. April 28, 2020 by Elana Munasinghe

    Hello Pranav! I really thought that the design of your study was well made and you really put some thought into your work. I chose to read your study since it contained information about modern-day events and that’s always a good hook to reel us in. The sense of urgency that you develop in your article is developed well and I applaud you for your efforts.

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