How can an app motivate teens through daily activities?

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The pandemic has worsened a situation regarding teenagers that already wasn’t addressed very much to begin with. As time goes on, teen’s are struggling with mental health issues, specifically anxiety and depression, and with that, a lack of motivation. Yet the expectation of teenagers remains just as high, if not higher. Students and teenagers are expected to stay engaged and motivated with school work and life, however, this has become increasingly challenging within the past year. This is apparent when 36% of nearly 1000 parents admitted they noticed higher levels of anxiety in their children throughout this past year (Drillinger). A lack of motivation can be present in a teenager whether it’s not feeling motivated to do distanced learning or otherwise tasks that would be considered easy by others. With all of these new circumstances regarding COVID-19, many people are questioning how they can motivate themselves and others. Motivation is important in the way that it changes our mindset and way of thinking in a positive manner (Souders).


My Idea

I, similar to many other teens have been unmotivated. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, I thought about what could motivate me as a person. My idea consists of an app where teenagers could log onto daily to find small motivational tasks. This idea inspires me because I have recalled days where even picking up a few things in my room made me motivated. A few examples of these tasks would be “check 3 things off of your to-do list” or “make a vision board”. Within this app, would be a space for users to see each other’s progress as well as support each other. It is important for teenagers to feel encouraged and know that they are supported when it comes to becoming motivated. This idea, on an individual basis, would be a resource for teenagers to use daily to stay motivated. On a larger scale, it would bring more attention to the pressure that teens are put under everyday that causes them to lose motivation in the first place.


Overall, the app idea that I came up with would be one that is taking the first steps to address the problem of teenagers losing motivation whether that stems from mental health, school, work, or life in general. 


How Can You Help?

How can you help to support those around you and keep them motivated?

What healthy habits can you develop to keep yourself motivated?

Have you yourself felt unmotivated? If you have, what do you think you could do differently going forward to try and maintain a motivated lifestyle?

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  1. Hi Vierka! I love your idea so much! It really is the little things that help keep people going but can be so hard to do, so this is perfect! Two things that help me stay motivated are working out (even if for only 10 mins) and cleaning my room. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you like it and found it helpful! It’s the exact same thing for me in terms of working out even if its just for a little bit 🙂

  2. Huge market opportunity! Great job! /Lena

    1. Thank you!

  3. Thank you!

  4. This is a wonderful project, Vierka. I like the simplicity of something like “do 3 things today”, because life (especially for students) can be overwhelming and we are trying to achieve so much and even when we do, there is more to achieve. But if we are encouraged to do just a little bit everyday, things seem more manageable.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I definitely agree that when it comes to motivation it’s all about taking little steps. Whatever works!

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