How can architecture be designed to improve the physical and mental health of Singaporeans?

The Inclusion Center 

by Hannah Sun

Architecture has the power to convey messages through color and form. The surrounding natural space mirrors the architecture to create a sense of tranquility in the user. Utilizing neutral tones and biophilic design, this Singaporean inclusion center creates a mental safe space within its physical structure. 


Project Statement

Located in the Woodlands suburb of Singapore, this inclusion center seeks to creatively help people struggling against discrimination and mental illness. Consisting of a counselling center, cafe, courtyard, gym, and two classrooms, it provides safe spaces for those who seek help. Art, meditation, and writing are some of the therapeutic activities offered in these spaces. Victims of harassment can come to the counselling office and seek emotional and legal help. Volunteers of all ages will lead activities and assist counsellors. With space and people working together, more people will feel understood and accepted. 



Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center


Interview with a potential user 



Singaporeans of all ages. The counselling center offers help for victims of all forms of discrimination including racial exclusion and gender inequality.


  • exposure to natural lighting, open-air spaces, 
  • architectural styles from various periods in Singaporean history
  • comfortable and bright room for the counselling center
  • a spacious gym
  • classrooms for art and writing therapy
  • cafe with indoor and outdoor seating
  • bathrooms
  • communal space should be a courtyard 


Site Analysis 

There is a large patch of empty grassy space in the Woodlands area. The site is easy to access for Woodlands residents and students from a nearby school. Besides walking, there is a bus stop near the two apartment complexes across from the mall. There is a freeway right next to the site. 


Drawing Schematics

Site Plan and Floor Plan

Elevation Sketch

3D Model

For my final SketchUp model, I decided to focus and fully develop three building: the counselling center, art classroom, and gym. I believe that my chosen spaces encapsulate the purpose of my design well and relate to mental, emotional, and physical health respectively.


Design Development

Complete SketchUp Model

Counselling Center


Art Classroom


Call to Action

Struggles related to emotional and mental health are inevitable, but we can prevent long-term depression and self-harm by changing our perspective on mental illnesses. Having depression does not mean you are weak; no one should ever be ashamed of this condition. We must lend an ear and open our hearts to listen to those who come to us for help. By providing a safe space where victims are free to speak up and seek help in a number of creative ways, we plant a seed of inclusivity that will blossom into broader acceptance among the population. 

Resource Link to my Catalyst Project Google Doc



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