How can connection with one’s self improve team synergy on the field for women’s sports teams?

What mindset does it take? How can that mindset affect the team?

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is the mindset every achiever needs in order to reach their goals. The Growth Mindset opens the mind letting criticism enter for improvement. In the mindset, challenges can be overcome creatively and doesn’t defeat one’s mentality. The Fixed Mindset is the opposite. It is the belief that nothing can be improved upon. Everything must be perfect the first time. Someone who is born, gifted poorly at math cannot do anything to improve their skills. Watch the presentation to learn more about how the mindset affects athletes!



Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve one’s mood. Not only is it healthy for physical therapy but it’s also healthy for the mind. Yoga helps release any negative thoughts and focus on purifying the soul. It is a silent period where one is alone with his/her thoughts and can go anywhere while addressing them. It is a great activity for athletes to help them recover and be more positive with one another. Once they are more cooperative with each other, the better the team will be and the more people will show up. Yoga will, overall, improve anyone’s state of living.


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