How can growing social media creators efficiently connect with small businesses to form mutual partnerships?

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“If you want to earn money from your Instagram activities, you need to take a less formal path. You need to connect with brands – or wait for them to contact you.” -Influencer Marketing Hub


“72% of the public uses some type of social media” -PEW Research Center

Social Media is used by everyone whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or Youtube. Small businesses have started to heavily market through these Social Media Platforms in order to attract their target customers. Businesses create partnerships with growing social media creators in order to market their products. Connecting these businesses with the right creators in an efficient, professional manner must be simplified.

As someone with growing golf-centered social media accounts it was soon brought to my attention how difficult and time consuming it was to connect with small golf companies. And after talking to many other creators it became clear that the issue spanned across all different types of social media accounts.

SM&B Connect

A platform to simplify the connection between the business and creator

SM&B Connect is a modern application that attracts both the Social Media Creator and Business into creating a professional connection. SM&B acts as a search engine for companies looking to connect with growing Social Media Creators. Social Media Creators are able to create profiles that outline their accounts and businesses are able to browse through the app to locate the social media pages that fit their criteria.

SM&B Connect creates an opportunity for Social Media Creators to open a profile through the platform. The profile outlines their social media account including amount of followers, content genre (fashion, sports, food), posting frequency, and other important details necessary to give businesses a clear idea of what the account entails. The profile also provides easy links to the social media accounts so businesses can look closer into who you and your account are. SM&B then becomes a simple Direct Messaging App in order to quickly connect the creator to the business.

SM&B Connect on the business side acts like a simple search engine for companies. Companies are able to enter in criteria for the type of Social Media accounts they are targeting. This criterion includes the number of followers, the genre of account, and the target audience.  The application easily sorts through the profiles entered in by Social Media Users and displays which accounts are the best fit for the business. Businesses are then able to directly reach out through the application to the Social Media Creator for a professional, efficient connection.

In order to monetize this application, a subscription fee would be assessed to both the Business and Social Media User.

Questions For You

I want to know what you think works and doesn’t work with the application SM&B Connect?

  • Is there a better way to monetize the App?
  • Is there any way to simplify the App?
  • What other features would be helpful to the App?

Check out my business model below

BMC (Business Model Canvas)

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Hi, I am Jackson. I go to Hamden Hall Country Day School in Hamden, CT. I am a senior and will be playing golf at Loyola University Maryland next year!


  1. I love this idea and think it could do great! Yes, the monetization of this out might be a little tricky. however, One idea would be to take 5% or some percent of all brand deals this app makes. One thing to think about is what does this app brings to the table because any small business can go on Google and look up the top 10 golf Tiktokers. You could also monetize it by having adds run for each niche in the app. Goodluck!

    1. Hi Luke, thanks for the feedback. I think what this app would help with the most is saving the companies the time of having to look up stuff on google and then figure out where and how to contact creators. It would be more efficient to have everything the companies and creators need in one place. I really like your ideas on how to monetize the application and I think a small percentage of all deals made through the app is really interesting.

  2. Jackson,
    What an interesting idea! Great job presenting the facts and then adding in questions to help improve your idea.
    Mrs. Porto

  3. Hi Jackson,
    This was really interesting to read. I believe that social media and business relationships are essential, especially that we live in a technology-dominated society.

  4. Hi Jackson! I love your business idea. I think our world which is so centered on technology and social media, at the moment, would greatly benefit from this design. I think having an app popularized that is solely centered on this connection would be a big help for growing businesses. Great job!

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