“How can I Create the Best Sports Performances in Lake Highland History”

Our Reaserch

To make sure that the health center would need to truly be useful in our amazing campus we went straight to the source, our student-athletes. We sent out a survey to most of our students and received some amazing feedback. This data that we collected heavily agreed with our hypothesis, which was that Lake Highland students are not fueling themselves correctly to be prepared for their sport. Feel free to check out the survey in the link below. Then our team went to a professional nutritionist to seek out the best way to handle athletes’ nutrition at our school. Tara Collingwood is the dietician for many sports programs in the Central Florida area and she was very excited to see Lake Highland trying to pursue this idea. She said that every athlete needs a different diet because everybody is different. She suggested for such a large student population she recommended three nutritionists.

Our Athlete Data

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