How can I help my La Jolla community stay physically active during quarantine?


Physical activity is a vital part of staying healthy. First of all, it helps your body physically by helping to maintain a healthy weight and combating health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Not only that, but it has mental benefits. Exercising releases endorphins to improve your mood, and it also gives you an energy boost! 

Quarantine is essential to protect our bodies from COVID-19, but it also prevents everyone from the doing the typical daily movement that is routinely incorporated into our lives, like walking around school to different classes. If we don’t compensate for this decrease in physical activity, we will be put at risk for any number of diseases on the chart below. That’s why it’s so important to encourage everyone to stay physically active right now! 


I created the page below and will be sharing it with my community in La Jolla through the Nextdoor app. It will motivate people in my community to stay physically active by showing them how many options they have and the reasons why staying physically active is beneficial to their health. 

Part 1: 

I compiled a list of all the local workout studios that are hosting live online classes or posting at-home workouts on their website. I don’t think everyone in my community knows about these options, so I made a convenient list that allows them to easily sign up for a workout class. Even virtually, the option of working out with other people can be more fun than working out alone. It also gives people a chance to see other members of the community during a time of limited social interactions, which can even provide a mental boost in addition to the physical one. 

Part 2:

I encouraged community members to start and share exercise challenges through social media, which can create a fun way to get some extra physical activity during the day. This can also spread more awareness that we need to stay physically active during quarantine as the challenges are shared to more people.  

Part 3: 

I gave even more options for physical activity by listing the 4 types of it and giving examples of each that anyone can try on their own, which is another convenient list that will make it easier for people to get physical activity.

Also, something I’ve noticed in La Jolla is that the street above the beach is a very popular area for aerobic exercise, so there are always a lot of people there walking and running very close to each other. While that is an option for physical activity, I know that there are some people—such as the elderly—who might not feel comfortable leaving their house at all right now, so they can use this list to choose a different type of physical activity that won’t require them to go outside. This shows that are physical activity choices for everyone! 

Part 4:  

Lastly, I list 5 reasons physical activity is beneficial to everyone’s health. This will motivate people to stay physically active by showing them that they have a lot to gain from it, physically and mentally. 


In the comments below, share your thoughts on the physical activity page that I created and give suggestions if you have any! With your help, I can make it even more effective at encouraging physical activity before sharing it with my community. 

Also, I made a separate page without the information about local online classes so that it can apply to people anywhere. Another way you can help is by sharing that page with your community too! 

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  1. April 24, 2020 by Brooke Waite

    Hey Sophia!!! Wow, fabulous work. As a past La Jollan, I think this information is all super helpful. :))))

  2. April 25, 2020 by Giulia Chiaratti

    Wow! What a great job! I love that you included sites that offer activities as well as the benefits of doing exercises! Well done!

  3. April 27, 2020 by Emma McDermott

    Hi Sophia!! I really liked reading through this project. I myself have been trying to exercise a lot more in quarantine because 1) it is important to stay fit because I am in the house all the time now and 2) there is not much else to do! I think your page is amazing and very informative for all of the residents in your area. I also have the app Nextdoor in my hometown in North Carolina! What have you been doing in quarantine to stay active?

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