How can I help with substance use disorder in and around the Boston area?

Hi my name is Sidnie. I am a junior at the Noble and Greenough school in Dedham, Massachusetts. Here is an introductory video about my topic.



I interviewed two substance use disorder rehab facilities in Massachusetts: Victory Programs and Bloom.
The first interview was with Victory Programs. This organization helps individuals and families with substance use disorder. One thing that impacted me the most from this interview was learning the correct terminology to talk about substance issues. Previously, I had used the term substance abuse to talk about these issues. However, my interviewee made it a point to refer to difficulties with substances as substance use disorder, which allows for a sense of hope and recovery for people who heavily rely on substances.
Bloom is a program for girls between the ages 12-17. One of the main purposes of this organization is to treat young girls with substance use disorder. Something that surprised me about this interview was the fact that the organization does not receive federal funding. Bloom runs off of donations only. They do not use federal funding because they do not want the government to dictate how they run their program.

For Now Response

Here is a video that I created to spread awareness about substance use disorder in and around Boston. The video outlines the ways that viewers can help combat this issue.

I believe that social media is the most effective form of communication during our times. Therefore, I used various social media platforms to spread awareness about my cause. I posted the video on my science YouTube account, my science Instagram account, a blog for my town, the YouTube account of a prominent blogger in my town, and my school tweeted about my project.

Here is an image of my town’s blog post that contained my advocacy video.
Here is a screenshot image from my science Instagram post that contained my video. Below it contains another photo that contains my science YouTube post of my video.

Reflection on Outreach

I think that I was effectively able to increase awareness about substance use disorder in Massachusetts. Through the various platforms I used, I was able to reach a couple thousand social media accounts. I believe that the best way to combat substance use disorder is make people more aware of the effects, the prevalence, and legal and fiscal ways people can combat this major state, national, and international issue.


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