How can individuals support their local businesses without spreading the Coronavirus?


Business are coming up with creative ways to continue to attract customers during social distancing. With the help of companies such as DoorDash and Uber, restaurants are delivering food to houses. Other businesses, such as grocery stores, have developed sanitary and distancing practices to continue to provide food to families without spreading the disease. While these methods do contribute to “flattening the curve,” the highly-contagious Coronavirus is still being spread in these settings. 

“For Now” Response:

Utilities for customer: -10-High likelihood of spreading virus, 0-Low likelihood of spreading virus, 10-No chance of spreading virus

Utilities for essential business: 5-Attract customer, -5-No revenue




Use sanitary and social distancing precautions

Make no changes to business procedures


Purchase from business


(-10, 5)


Avoid business

(10, -5)

(10, -5)

This simple game matrix shows the best outcomes based off of business and consumer decisions. This matrix was created with the belief that preventing one case of Coronavirus is more important than a business gaining one customer. The solution to this matrix shows that a customer should avoid public interactions with businesses, no matter the sanitary and social distancing precautions. 

What should you, the consumer, do?

In the comments answer the following questions:

How can you support local businesses without leaving your home?

What precautions do you think all essential businesses should take in order to protect customers?

(Business Insider)
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  1. April 26, 2020 by Emma

    Hi Isaac,
    This is definitely an issue that many people in my community have been trying to solve over the past few weeks. One solution may be to do all shopping online, including buying gift cards from businesses to help support them without actually having to interact with them in person. I’ve seen essential businesses like grocery stores using precautions like only allowing a certain amount of people in their story at a time, or making people wait in lines while staying six feet apart. It will be interesting to see what solutions we as a society develop, especially if this pandemic continues for much longer. Overall, great presentation!

  2. April 26, 2020 by Jana

    Hi Isaac. Wow, your topic is very interesting, especially because it is so relevant to many people even in my community currently. We are also dealing with this issue, some of the solutions that are being implemented including online shopping for small businesses or having only a limited amount of people in a store. This is, however, still a tough time for many small businesses and we should support them anyhow we can. I think your graphs and pictures did an amazing job of explaining the topic. Good job!

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