How can meditation help stressed high school students to de-stress?


What you need to know

Meditation is a very beneficial technique to use when one is anxious, tense and/ or worried. Spending just a few minutes in meditation will restore your calm and inner peace. You can practise it any time and where every you want to.

Teenagers are more likely to get stressed due to puberty. We do not only go though physical chnages but we also change emotionally. We get pressure from classmates because of the way we look, dress or act, from our parents because we need to think about the future and do good in school, and lastly we also have certain expectations and goal for yoursleves. 

Meditation is way to relase the stress and practise selflove and compasion. 

My Response: How can we solve this problem


Audience feedback

The comments below, 1. Tell me if you have ever meditated and if/ how it benefited you and 2. What you wish to have in a meditation video.

Note that we are all different and our bodies respond to different exercises. Just because this video might have not helped you, doesn’t mean another one won’t.

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  1. April 23, 2020 by Panna Szabó

    Hey Nele! I really liked your project and I found it really nice that you focused on a subject that you and many other high schoolers (myself included) can relate to. Your meditational video was so calming and after listening to the whole thing I felt so much more calm and relaxed. A question that I have is how you chose what you wanted inside of your video? Was it what has personally helped you in meditation or based on research. I personally have meditated before, often when I felt really anxious and have found it a super good and quick way to calm myself down and it nearly always works! Overall, really great job, and I really enjoyed your project!.

    • April 25, 2020 by Nele

      As I stated before meditation can have many different effects on different people. When I filmed my video, I decided to exercises that work well for me. I included a lot of breathing exercises because that is something that helps me calm down a lot when I’m stressed. Everything that is included in the video is based on research and even some activities I did in my positive psychology course.

  2. April 23, 2020 by Pierre

    Hello Nele, I found your project very interesting. To answer your two questions ( 1. Tell me if you have ever meditated and if/ how it benefited you and 2. What you wish to have in a meditation video. )

    a. Sometimes, as the teacher is handing out tests, I meditate for a few minutes. I think it helps me concentrate and achieve better results

    b. I don’t usually watch meditation video’s; however, I would like that meditation video to have calming music and a good instructor.

    • April 25, 2020 by Nele

      Thank you! I think it’s great that you found a way to calm yourself down before tests in order to archive better results and to improve your overall well-being.

  3. April 26, 2020 by Yifei Qin

    Hi Nele,
    I think your topic is super helpful! I believe meditation is an efficient way to relax and reduce our stress, and it really should be promoted to high school students. To answer your first questions, I like to meditate for a few minutes before I go to bed every night. It made me relieve the stress on my mind and body. And second, I think the key factors to a meditation video are relaxing music and a calming voice to guide the process. Something I had been wondering is how can meditation be more advocated among students?

  4. April 26, 2020 by Sophia Scott

    Hi Nele! Earlier in the school year, I would go some mornings before school to a yoga class that included meditation time. School is very stressful, but the meditation really helped me to fully wake up and calm myself before school. I’ve never watched a meditation video before, but I really liked yours because of the peaceful music and calming voice; those made it really relaxing.

  5. April 26, 2020 by Kelly

    Hey Nele,
    I think your project was really well done. It was interesting and important during a time like this. To answer your question my art teacher used to have us meditate once a week at the beginning of class and I found it very helpful. That was my first period class and I felt like it helped me have a good start to my day. I know you mentioned that you deal with stress but what led to to focus on the solution of meditation? Overall really great job.

  6. April 26, 2020 by Lizzy

    Hi Nele, your project is awesome and I think that more people should consider meditating. I agree that it has a ton of positive benefits. At school every morning we have a “mindfulness minute” where we all pause, close our eyes, and listen to a teacher who guides us through a mindfulness practice. For me, it helps to clear my mind and give me a space to breathe and collect my thoughts before beginning a busy day.

  7. April 26, 2020 by Emma

    Hi Nele,
    This is definitely a topic that is relevant in my life right now as a high school student. Your meditational video was really relaxing and allowed me to focus on something other than the craziness that is life right now. To answer your first question, my advisor in 8th grade used to have us meditate once a week before we went to our classes, and I remember always feeling so refreshed and relaxed. It was a great way to start my day and I definitely miss doing those meditations! As a high schooler, I think we should be meditating a lot more often because of the constant stress we are under in our academic and social lives.

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