How can teenagers make money easily?

The Problem

There are not enough simple and easy ways in order for young people to earn money. The majority of jobs won’t accept you unless you are at least 16, and even that is pushing it. This is partially the reason why only 20%-40% of teenagers have jobs. To fix this and allow more teenagers to earn money, I thought of a solution.

The Solution

My solution is a simple and easy to use app that connects teenagers to chore/errand like jobs. Some example jobs being: landscaping, shopping, moving, cleaning, etc. This app would only be able to be used by teenagers, and the clients. People can access the app through either the web, or an application on their mobile devices. When the job is done, the clients will be able to rate how well the job was completed. This will keep the teenagers working to the best of their abilities. The app will then generate revenue by taking a small portion of what the worker earns.

The Business Model Canvas


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  1. April 23, 2020 by Cecelia

    I think that this is a really great project. I know everyone loves to have a little extra cash. I play sports throughout the whole school year and between practice and games my schedule varies. This would be super helpful because I would be a able to do things on my own time. I think that making your own schedule for work is such an awesome thing especially after doing online school for quite some time now. I like that this model would allow that to happen.

  2. April 24, 2020 by Sarah

    I really love this idea. I think that it is especially cool that you are combining different possible jobs. I think it is a great way for communities to connect while supporting teenagers in making some money and getting job experience. Great job!

  3. April 24, 2020 by Seva Kelly

    I think this is a really cool idea! I think a lot of teenagers don’t realise that they can make money for doing certain jobs. It’s also a great way for older members of the community to get help.

  4. April 24, 2020 by Elaine

    Hey Will! This is a cool idea, and I definitely think you could find a lot of people with interest. I know a lot of my friends want to make money, but it can be hard if their schedule is limited or if they have never had a job before. One thing I think is beneficial is that you mentioned it would focus on chore/errand like jobs because then it doesn’t require the users to be very experienced or skilled beforehand. Additionally, the app can then act as the experience a teenager may need before applying for future jobs down the line. Do you think the teenagers would be proposing what services they can offer or the app will have a set list of jobs that a teenager can choose to do or not?

  5. April 25, 2020 by Declan

    Yo Will, I think this problem needs to be addressed in this day and age, and I feel that if you had more time to research and flesh out your ideas, you could provide a real insight into the issue. The app idea is unique and intelligent, maybe add a second solution step, a guide for teenagers to navigate the business world. This would be more practical unless you are intending on programing or creating this app.

  6. April 25, 2020 by John Alan A.

    I think this is a really good idea, on the app you could put a slider to where you have to put how old you are, and the slider can only go to a certain age.

  7. April 25, 2020 by Henry

    This is a great idea, I like that you are able to rate the service after it is finished.

  8. April 26, 2020 by Cole

    I like how you chose to tackle a problem that pretty much every teenager faces. Your solution provides a simple way anyone can earn money, with little to no real experience. How are you going to get people to trust the app?

  9. April 26, 2020 by Matt

    This concept could really hit the market running and see popularity very quickly. Teenagers are looking for ways to get money whether to buy everyday items to investments like their first car. The problem is that employers want to hire people with experience and a teenager will have very little on their resume or nothing at all, thus getting passed up on. Your idea, though simple, is groundbreaking. Clients cam use this app as a cheaper alternative to professional labour.

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