How can the creative freelancer and an organization with creative needs connect effectively in a user-friendly, centralized platform? 

The Story: As a young photographer like myself, finding work with organizations, and corporate clients is tough. Getting your ‘name’ out in the creative fields is a problem faced by all differnt types of creatives. Previously, I, and most photographers, videographers, graphic designers, fashion designers etc. have leveraged Instagram, Twitter, LinkIn and Facebook in hopes of finding work. But what if there was a centralized place where creative freelancers could find work, and connect with different types of clients?

The Problem:

Oftentimes, up and coming freelancers in the creative industries have trouble finding work with corporate clients and organizations. On the flip side, 52% of hiring managers in large corporations cited creative talent shortages, and trouble finding creative freelancers. 

The Solution: 

The Business Model: 

Works Cited and Consulted: 

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