How can we avoid another possible Franco-type regime?

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Before the Franco Regime

Era of progress for women. After the revolution that created the Second Republic of Spain, many rights were granted to women. Freedom to vote, some other stuff to take up time on the page. With progress for one group of people, there will always be those who wish to strip that progress away. Eventually, that threat would come to bear from Franco.

During the Franco Regime

Franco was a conservative, fascist who loathed the Second Republic’s suppression of Catholicism. Under his regime, Franco empowered the Catholic Church within Spain and put a muzzle on the rights and freedoms of Spanish citizens. This was profoundly awful for women, whose societal roles were stripped down to simple housewives. List of rules within the Franco regime. The amount of bloodshed under Franco’s rule began to slow, as Franco got closer to death


After Franco’s death, Spain rather quickly began reinstating rights and freedoms for men and women. Spain eventually turned into a democratic monarchy. But just as the remnants of other extremist rights ideology exist in other countries, there are still supporters of Franco’s regain within Spain. It is important to learn from the mistakes of the past to make sure we never end up under a Franco dictatorship ourselves.


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