How can we become better stewards to oceans and lakes through beach cleanups?

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How the Startup Works

My startup idea is an app that allows users to find and report beaches that need to be cleaned up. I’m sure everyone has come across a situation when they find a beach that really needs to be cleaned up, but they don’t have any of the materials to do so. That’s when the app comes in handy! Users would simply access the app, click the two options of find or report, then locate the map. If you chose to find a beach to clean up you would click find, then a map would appear with a search bar. You can click on anywhere on the map and beaches near you that have been reported will appear. After cleaning up the beach you would access the app again and update the status that you have cleaned up the beach to the best of your abilities. This is a simple and quick way to earn service hours! If you are reporting a beach you follow the same steps, but you would click on the location that needs to be cleaned up. The app prototype/sketch is pictured down below and shows some of the main components and tools of the app. 

Why Beach Cleanups?

There  is no question that our world is in the middle of a massive pollution crisis that takes in most oceans and lakes.   Beaches all over our world are being filled with symbols of our own laziness. I’ve always shared a love for oceans, lakes, and our marine ecosystems, so protecting the species that live in these areas is extremely important to me. I want to make a difference in this world, so when brainstorming ideas for my startup, I knew marine pollution was a topic very close to my heart. 


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Is Green Space Clean Space something you would like to see in your community?

What aspects of this app need improvement?


Thank you all for learning about my startup!!



  1. Really good idea for a solution! This is an important issue

    1. I would like to have access to this app, because there have been multiple times in my life where I have seen trashed beaches and it is really sad. I think this idea is really cool and would make a huge impact on wildlife and make a big step in the right direction when it comes to ocean pollution.
    2. I think a cool feature on the app could be if someone marks a beach dirty, the app could potentially alert someone on the same beach (If they have the app). This could be interesting because there would be more hands there to clean up.

    1. Hi Avery, you bring up such a great idea! Thank you so much for the feedback!

  2. I like how exessable you made your solution. With the growing climate crisis its hard to know how we can help on an individual level. I like that your solution is clear and will reach a lot of people!

    1. Thank you so much Katie!

  3. My favorite thing about your project is the simplicity of your solution and app! I hope to see this come to life one day.

    And yes, I would absolutely want this app on my phone. We don’t really have beaches in Jordan, but I would want something like this for a park, a road, etc.

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