How can we educate teenagers about climate change in an efficient manner?


Plan: For this project, My initial plan was to use my school’s classmates as the audience of this project. I had the idea of putting posters around the School’s campus that showed the impact of climate change on Jordan ( since my school is located in Jordan) and around the world. However, since lockdown has been implemented here in Jordan, I had to change my plan. What I did was created an Instagram page, and posted on the page the posters that I wanted to hang around my school.

This is a video of me explaining the reason why I chose this project and the process I am using to complete this project
This is a video that inspired me to start this project, seeing how the Dead sea is at risk of disappearing.

The video is an example of how climate change is impacting Jordan. The Dead Sea accounts for a large segment of the Jordanian economy due to a high number of tourists who come each year to visit this particular region.

Steps for the project

1.) Research online through many websites to find the best examples of Climate change that can be illustrated through pictures and videos

2.) After finding these examples, I wrote a description of how climate change affected each of these examples, so I can post them on the Instagram page I created weekly

3.) Creation of an Instagram page with a goal to attract people towards the issue, which is how climate change is impacting many sites across the world in a negative manner. The goal of this page is to educate teenagers about climate change and raise awareness about this issue.

4.) Asking friends and relatives to follow this account with a goal to attract many people towards the page.

5.) Post weekly to the Instagram account about the dangers of climate change on the world and on our daily lives

How is Climate Change impacting us?

This graph shows the annual increase in temperature globally
Levy, Robert A. “Earth Observatory.” Earth Observatory, NASA, 3 June 2010,

Given the annual increase in temperature, many water ponds and rivers are disappearing as the water of these rivers is evaporating. Also, many ice platforms across the world are melting. This is causing the sea level to increase, and it’s projected that sea level will rise by 6 meters by the year 2030 if the increase of temperature remains at this rate. This will hinder many coastal cities, as many cities will eventually sink as water levels keep on rising.

Cities such as Jakarta, Indonesia have already started to sink due to the increasing seawater elevation, many homes are threatened to sink in the city within the next decade. Also, the country of Tuvalu is one that is on the verge of disappearing. Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries in the world with approximately 12,000 people, and it’s an island completely surrounded by water. Climate change is causing the seawater elevation to increase, forcing the population of Tuvalu to migrate to other nations.

This a photo of Jakarta, where water has already caused some houses to be inhabitable.
Haner, Josh B. Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast, It Could End Up Underwater. Jakarta.
This photo of Tuvalu shows how water is close on the shores to make this island disappear
Gallagher, Sean M. Fongafale Island, Home to the Tuvaluan Capital, Funafuti. Funafati.

What can we do to help as teenagers?

Raising awareness is the main part to make a successful contribution against climate change. That is why may activists like Greta Thunberg have become the face of climate change, as their idea of raising awareness has become very popular, and has educated many about the impacts of climate change

Anywhere in which anyone can directly help the cause?

Below is a link where you can learn about climate change, and where you can also donate to this cause. You can select any amount of money you want to donate.

Instagram page

The Instagram Page I created- Please follow this page to raise awareness


Education is and will always remain a prime factor in combating climate change, as the more educated the general populous is educated on climate change, then more people will take action to prevent any further impact on the planet as a whole. The world as we speak is in critical condition, and climate change still remains the biggest threat the world facing.

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