How can we end Cameroon’s Civil War?

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Whats Going On

My topic for the GOA conference is the ongoing civil war in Cameroon between Anglophones and Francophones. Located in West Africa this war has been escalating since 2017 after the French-speaking government fired live ammunition at protesters. What started as wanting equality in education and the legal system turned into a drawn-out war with devastating effects. People have had to leave their homes and find refuge in surrounding countries. It has left about 800,000 children from going to school for over 4-5 years. The Anglophones now want full independence and many civilly are wanting a new nation, Ambazonia. The villagers have seen what the military has been doing and have seen innocent lives taken. In one case the aggressive military shot dead a pregnant woman for not laying on her stomach. This is just one instance of excessive force done by the military. What was once thought of as a small war in a small country is now affecting the countries it borders. 




What I think should have been done years ago was give the Anglophones what they wanted and what they desperately needed. In the education system, they were waiting for their curriculum to include English. They don’t understand French and while they’re in school, it won’t help them if they’re sitting there listening to gibberish. This puts them behind a lot in the development of their life. The legal system in Cameroon is all French-speaking so, when it comes to getting justice to Anglophones, it rarely ever happens. If the education system is fixed or reformed to accommodate both Anglophones and Francophones, the problems that the Anglophones bring up will be solved. It will be slow but it will eventually happen. Also, the use of military force is very aggressive and too extreme. There needs to be a military and police reform in the country to know what they need to do in case of a protest. They should not have been firing live ammunition at the peaceful protesters which is what elevated the crisis into a war.

What Solutions do you think would work?

If you were the president of Cameroon, what would you have done differently in the country?

Are you on the side of the French-speaking government or the ones who want a new nation Ambazonia?


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  1. Hi Cam. Thanks for sharing your project. I am curious what an international organization like the UN could do to help negotiate peace. Governments have weaponized language in other ethnic conflicts including in places like Sri Lanka. It is really disturbing to see that children, their education, and their future prospects are affected by this conflict.

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