How can we improve the sleeping habits amongst students using the concepts of gratitude and grit?

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“sleep deficiency alters activity in some parts of the brain. If you’re sleep
deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and
behavior, and coping with change. Sleep deficiency also has been linked to depression, suicide, and
risk-taking behavior”-U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

The efffects of sleep deprivation amongst adolescents

Sleep: So Why do we still suffer?

Numerous researches have hinted towards the serious consequences of sleep deprivation, especially amongst adolescents, yet why can’t we (Students) uphold a steady sleeping schedule. While some may suffer from a serious condition that hampers their sleeping routine, they will unfortunately not be the specific target of this project. This project is specifically aimed to students who have the ability to control their sleeping schedule, yet they do not. Lack of sleep prioritization will be the main cause that this project acts upon.

How to shift our priority to be sleep-oriented: a visualization tool

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An optimal amount of sleep of course will be the prescribed 7-9 hours for adolescents

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The level of productivity and wakeness for adolescents starts falling when sleep goes below 7 hours

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Anything below 5 hours will be increasingly detrimental to adolescents’ health

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a 24 hour day planner

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How would this work?

The tool would correlate the amount of sleep the students needs to get per night to achieve the desired level of productivity/wakefullness the students aspire to have during the day. Assuming that everyone will want to be on top shape during the day, everyone will hope to achive up to 80% of their health bar. With that in mind, they would use the 24 hours daily planner with a dedicated and unremovable 7-9 hours slot for sleep in it. However, it is important to note that rather working as a habit changing mechanism, the tool’s goal is to change the perspective of students around prioritizing sleep. By vizualizing the effects of sleep deprivation on their daily lives through game like elements, the goal is to slowly shift the priority slightly towards sleep. The utlimate goal is to finally strike a balance between sleeping and other waking commitments.

Including positive psychology concepts to improve sleep: Grit and Gratitude

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Improved sleep cycle

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The cycle represents how grit and gratitude will both affect sleep quality. Multiple research have found strong correlation between the level of gratitdude of an individual and their sleep quality. And with and increased grit, a person can control their sleeping schedule much easier. However, the cycle does not end there. With better sleeping quality, research has proven that there is increased grit for the individual. Additionally, with a more awake mind, a person could achieve a higher level of gratitude in their lifes. Hence by working on positive psychology concepts such as sleep and gratitude, one could achieve higher level of sleep quality. And with higher sleep quality, better emotional control over those positive psychology concepts is achieved.


Some gratitude practices before sleep

some practices to improve grit


Overall, the key to improving sleep quality lies in the first paradigm shift, that shapes the new perception of the priority of sleep amongst students which is coupled with some positive psychology concepts. The secret to being there for the different events in one’s life. please fill out this form for feedback




  1. Hi Yassine,

    Great Presentation! I think that you have made a very interesting correlation between gratitude and sleep that many would not see at first, however after analysing your research I have now learned about the great connection! I think that this is a great concept due to the fact that you get a couple benefits out of it, due to the fact that you would obtain more sleep which has numerous psychological and health benefits. You would also in term, be much happier due the fact that gratitude results in higher levels of serotonin in the brain. I really enjoyed your presentation, and I think I may begin to incorporate these practices into my own routine because many teens and I would greatly appreciate these two practices.

  2. My question is, what are some other biological/health benefits of grattitude?

  3. My question is, what are some other biological/health benefits of gratitude?

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