How can we prevent and limit the spread of Wild Fires?

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There are many unanswered questions about forest fires in how they destroy anything in their way. The biggest question of all is can we do anything about it or will they destroy all vegetation and wildlife? Is there a way to educate people to make better decisions around fires? Can you contain the spread of the fire at its source? All these questions make you think more about what our possibilities are as a people. 


It’s clear there is no way to fully stop a forest fire, damage will be done. There are already methods out there that help diminish large amounts of land being destroyed like air attack planes, however, they are not enough for these monstrous fires. Forest fires are one of the many natural disasters in the world but they aren’t as natural as they may seem. About 85% of these fires are started by unkept campfires, cigs, and burning of debris to name a few. The only natural recurrent cause of forest fires is lightning that burns about 400 acers of land compared to the human’s 45. Some fires aren’t noticed for a few hours or even days after starting, making them that much harder to contain. 


One big thing we can do is provide fire safety from middle to high school in an entertaining way that both teach how to properly dispose of a fire as well as how to best safely assess and escape a forest fire if caught in one. Another thing we can do is staff more standby at parks with camping attractions to pin point the fire before it grows to big and to have sandbags close to the campfire sights to help dispose of the fire because sometimes water isn’t enough to put out a small campfire. These are just scratching the surface of things we can do to ensure small but impactful change. These alone won’t do nearly enough due to our rapidly heating environment because of all the negative things we have put into the atmosphere.

The Bigger goal

Global goals that correlate with  the idea of forest fires are affordable and clean energy and climate action because they are all looking for safer cleaner ways to help the environment. Things like living in a world with all electric cars to prevent exhaust from getting into the air along with limiting oil usage all together and use cleaner ways in factories that won’t cost our planet as the expense.

“For Now”

I will make an impact by providing simple yet effective strategies to hopefully encourage others to make little change together until the only wildfires are caused by lightning and global warming, no more carelessness.After this it will make it easier to contain the spread of forest fires because they will be easier to spot and takedown. From this project it’s become more clear to me that our environment is in more danger than we make it out to be and each one of us can make change small or big. 



I would love for you guys to ask any questions or even share ideas you have of your own.


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