How Can we Use Social Medias to Plan, Coordinate, and Advertise Events in Our communities?

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Wesley Riddle, Sewickley Academy 2024


-What did I do? 

During my research, I went out into the open world, and conducted thought based researched that allowed me to come to my answer. This research mainly consisted of going around, and figuring out how people were finding information about upcoming events, like community service, car shows, and more. Through this I was able to get an understanding of peoples needs, which became clear to me , : a simple and easy way to find all of the information about the events/ and details such as directions. This inspired me to start looking more into creating an app that helped to organize, and coordinate events in our communities for all to attend. And while this was a fine idea to start, after talking to Lena Rampfelt ( Entrepreneur coach, and trainer) my opinions were changed. I had now learned that  to provide my services I could use social medias, and resources that were already readily available e and free to me. From here I conducted a google form survey on some of my class mates, asking them what type of things they would be looking for as teenagers. 


Why is this topic important ? 

This topic was important to not only me, but communities because their are constantly people looking for things to do, or people to help(in the case of volunteering). The only issue is that people don’t know where to turn to to look for these type of events, and they often times miss or don’t find out about them. 

  • Below is a  is a screen shot of what my survey looked like and here are the list of questions: 
  1. How many times have you seen an event advertised?
  2. Where have you seen these advertisements ?
  3. What type of events are you interested in going to?
  4. What do you think others would be interested in?
  5. Have you wanted to go to something after it has already happened?

-The final step, creating Media Pages:

Change this Subheading

Image Box Title

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  • So far I have used Instagram Stories, and the Face book group to portray my information.  I plan on using other forms of social media to reach an  even farther community of people. 


  • Final note:

Below on some questions I would like YOU the reader to consider after going in depth through my project.

  • Can you see this idea benefitting your community/communities? 
  • What are your recommendations to me, what should I change? keep? 
  • How would you try and advertise events ?
  • What are your thoughts about/on my  project?


  1. Hey Wesley! This is a really neat idea. We are very fortunate to be living in the 21st century and in a first world country where most of the population has access to these platforms. This idea has been used in my city in many different ways. For example: there is a Facebook group that has about 5,000 members where the only topic discussed is planning events for Portuguese water dogs to get together and play. You wrote about conducting a survey, what were your findings from this? I am interested to hear about them! congrats on a great project!!

  2. Great job! /Lena

  3. Hey Wesley, I think your startup idea is amazing and can impact the community positively. Your idea can bring the community together by communicating different events in an area. I think that this idea could definitely benefit my city as there are a ton of events but sometimes it is hard to spread the word. Great job!

  4. Hey Wesley! I really enjoyed reading your page and I do think your ideas would be beneficial to me and my community. I just moved a couple of months ago and having platforms like those would have helped a lot. It would have given me more opportunities to connect with my new community. Overall, great job!

  5. Great work, Wesley!

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