How can you wirelessly charge your computer?


Hi my name is Gabriel Ollier, I am french, and I am a student at the International school Of curitiba in Brazil.












Prototype 1





My first prototype Idea was to create a small device that you would plug in on the side of your computer, and that would receive the current via a long distance wireless charger. The problem is that it would involve having a bad looking metal prism on the side of your computer.










My second prototype idea was to make an adapter that would make you able to charge your computer with the same charger as your phone.

This sadly also involved a big transformer, and the charging time would have increased.






My third prototype was to connect a wireless charger directly to the computer charger input. This involved tweaking the motherboard. I then found out that a macbook motherboard is 300 usd and that if their was any risk of damaging it, no one would ever buy the product.






My fourth and last Idea was to remove one of the cells in the battery, and then replacing it with the wireless charging device. Like this you would be able to charge your computer with a wireless power bank, a wireless charging mat, and you would still be able to use the normal charger.



Feel free to go check out the 3d model using the link below:







Normal macbook battery:

  • 4 cells
  • Power: 7.6V and 7160mah
  • Price: 85 USD
  • Battery life: 1000 charges





My wireless charging battery:

  • 4 interchangeable cells
  • Cells can be removed and swapped easily.
  • Power: 7.6v and ≈ 15 000 mah.
  • Price: around 100 USD.
  • Battery efficiency and life: Charges faster because of its double wireless charging coils, smaller but more powerful batteries.





















Partnerships with bigger companies such as APPLE, SAMSUNG, LENOVO, HP, and ASUS.

The Company name will be WIBE.

The products will be available on our online store, amazon, Banngood, Aliexpress, etc… 

The Battery will be available at a price of around 100 USD.






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