The coronavirus pandemic has been a tough time for the world. It is an event that we were massively underprepared for, and thus it has left every industry scrambling to find ways to survive during the quarantine. Some industries have adapted to it in a way that does not change their performance or operations, while others have suffered severe decreases in production and service. The education industry is one of these industries that has suffered greatly, with many students now showing apathy towards their education, and decreasing the amount of effort put into their online schooling.

Unfortunately, this lack of effort will create a serious problem for the future of these students. While the direct impact of decreased grades is only catastrophic for students in high school who need high grades for university, the indirect impact is far more widespread – heavy drops in work ethic will cripple our generation of students. Many students already demonstrate a lack of effort towards school, and having to physically see their teachers and hand in their homework daily is already a challenge. Without having to face nagging teachers, these students stop putting in any effort at all. What can be done though? Normally, students who struggle to put in effort have tutors who help guide them through their work, and help them to develop a work ethic and good study habits that will carry forward. Yet, with the pandemic, students are no longer able to go in for extra help with teachers, or to go see their tutors. And for most tutors, it’s a part time job, so moving their services online usually isn’t worth it.

Today, I present to you the solution to that problem. Peer Tutoring Online. Not only does this initiative seek to reengage the work ethic of the general student population, but it also gives students the opportunity to help their fellow peers, and get adjusted to an online world of education. The education world will never be the same after the mandatory transition online, and it’s time we start learning how to adjust around it.

Peer Tutoring Online Initiative

My Business Model Canvas

How You Can Get Involved

I understand that for most people, this isn’t a novel concept or something that blows them away. However, this is a business that I am serious about, and is one that I really think can be a success as a platform for student-driven entrepreneurial success. You may have any interest in being a tutor, or interest in being tutored, or neither, and any option is great!

If you do have interest in working as a tutor, here is the link to the job application.

If you have interest in getting a tutor, here is the link to finding a tutor.

You may not have interest in either, and I totally get that. All that I ask, is that if you have one minute, you answer one or both of these questions for me: “What would you do first when looking for a tutor?” & “What would you do first when looking to find part-time work as a tutor?”

The link for that quick questionnaire can be found here.

Regardless if you answered that form or not, thank you. I really do appreciate the time you put into reading this. I hope you have enjoyed the read, and if you have anything you’d like to discuss with me regarding this project, please email me at

Thanks! Stay safe in these upcoming months!

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  1. April 24, 2020 by Jason Rogers

    Incredible work – very proud of your efforts and hope that it takes off for you!


  2. April 28, 2020 by Allison Belt

    Thanks for sharing this initiative. All the best now and in the future.

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