How do we save a new generation from ourselves?

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Introduction video

Poll time! Have you been in contact with underage consumption? –>

Presentation outline:

  • Introduction
    • Give the “why”
      • A short anecdote from me about alcohol in my life.
      • biological and psychological effects that alcohol and tobacco have on teenagers
      • Address my big question
  • Body 1
    • A quick rundown of my product
    • Go through the blocks of the BCM
      • address areas of weakness (open for comments/suggestions) at this time
  • Body 2
    • Narrow in on the customer segments of BCM and layout the customer research that I have done. 
      • interviews I’ve had
      • research I’ve done
  • Body 3
    • The specifics of my product
      • Bring up the core components that I want to include in my future machinery. 
      • Relate my product to the likes of other ID scanners.
        • How does my product differentiate itself from the others?
  • Conclusion
    • Include statistics regarding teen usage
    • This time is mainly for any in-the-moment last thoughts I have.
    • Questions and comments during this time too.
Change this Subheading

Information regarding the psychological and biological effects that alcohol has on a teenager’s brain. ^

Call to Action: In a broad sense, I need to do a lot of research on every angle of my idea. For instance, I need to know my competitors and how easy it is to get into the market. This can be thought of as Porter’s Five forces. As I have studied this before, I have a pretty good grip on customer-driven companies and how easy it is to get into a certain market (even though that takes more research specifically tailored to my given industry.)  Also, I need to talk to some local government officials to see how my product could work in relation to the law.  Continually, I would like to work with program developers, so I don’t have to learn to code. With this being said, how would I begin to manufacture my product without knowing how to code, develop, and program? Would I have to take a step back from my company as it is being built (however it is being built)? Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.


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  1. Hey Jackson, I really like the idea. There are a lot of people my age that I know who struggle with alcohol and drugs. I think that if you can implement your idea on a legislative level as well as incorporating it in local stores that could be very beneficial to the community and future generations.

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