How does Climate Change affect our environment? (and what we can do about it)

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Background Info

In Greenland, glacier ice is melting at a rate of 27 feet per year. The ice has become stained with pitch black spots from carbon emissions in the air. (reference to this video) Every year, Greenland loses 140 billion tonnes of ice. The rate at which the ice is melting is expected to double in the next 30 years. The consequences of this are unavoidable, entire countries such as The Maldives could be swallowed by the rising sea levels.


A more posing question is what can we do? On an individual level, energy to power a home is one of the most polluting factors in climate change. Solar energy provides a carbon free and natural alternative, however there’s one drawback: they’re expensive. Heating and cooling a home is also a big contributor, better insulation and sealing drafts. Cars are also a huge factor. Electric vehicles are starting to come up more and more along with other renewable-energy-sourced cars.

Global Goals

My topic falls perfectly into the thirteenth global goal, Climate Action. It fits this goal because the melting sea ice, which is the basis and inspiration for my project, is a direct product of climate change and the increased air pollution, as depicted in the graph above.

For Now Solution

Wind turbines are the cleanest and least polluting form of energy production. Three states(Texas, Kansas, North Dakota) have adopted wind turbines as a form of energy despite the overall price of fossil fuels dropping. The wind energy potential of these three states would be sufficient to meet electricity demand from coast to coast. Wind is also a fairly cost effective solution to climate change as prices of these facilities are competitive with or even lower than coal or other fossil fuel based energy sources. However, wind energy is just an investment in a much bigger system. A system that includes other aspects of our daily lives, such as our cars, our waste disposal habits, our consumption of the new resources we are building. We as a society need to make the decision: invest in the future or in the past. 

Call to Action/Feedback

I’d love to hear what everyone else has to think about my topic, and other solution proposals for climate change. I think if we put our minds to it, solving climate change won’t be as difficult as we think, all it takes is a little work. Please leave your thoughts below.



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