How is the Covid-19 Pandemic Creating a Burnout in Healthcare Workers?

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What is happening among healthcare workers?

It is no secret that it has been a very tough year for healthcare workers trying to conquer the pandemic. Healthcare workers have been stressed and facing mental health issues due to the work they have been doing. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been working more shifts – taking away time from their personal lives- and also have been distributing tests which is also time consuming. Each profession has obviously had different outcome, but mostly all have been burned out. 

The Survey 

I conducted a survey among 53 employees of all healthcare professions throughout different hospitals in Jacksonville, Florida. Below are the questions I asked including the results, as well as testimonials.


Overall this test shows that the covid pandemic has taken a toll on many’s lives. Nurses and lab technicians seemed to take it the hardest since they are working the front line. On top of working with patients, other professions are performing the necessary test as well as working almost 12+ hour shits to maintain the inundating operations in the lab. For mostly all healthcare workers, they have been taken away from their families. Some have decided to; have health care while others switched to part-time for work-life balance. In conclusion, this pandemic has created burnout where it may take time for healthcare workers to recover their mental health. Hopefully, with these solutions below, slowly but surely, it will push them to continue working in a happier and healthier environment. 



  1. Hi Helena,
    Great job on your project! I thought the survey you included in your project was really helpful to see how bad the problem actually is.

  2. Helena,
    This is a topic that has really been on my heart the past year. I can’t imagine what health care workers are experiencing so thank you for making us more aware and how we can help.

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