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My project will look into how a multipurpose community building can benefit a community, as well as ways of lowering the building’s energy consumption, making it more environmentally friendly. The SDGs “Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure”, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, and “Climate Action” will be incorporated.

The town I live in.

The town in Germany that I live in is very good in terms of most services and infrastructure, and also has very good connections to the natural environment around it. However, I have also observed that the community doesn’t really have a good place for people to socialize, and the first ideas for this project started to form. As I further developed my ideas, I have decided to add the aspect of lower energy consumption, which eventually became a large part of my design. 

Short video introduction


  1. Hey Ziqian,
    What an awesome project! I really liked your idea to create a place where people in your community could congregate and socialize with one another; I wish my community had something like that. I thought your design was really well thought out, and I liked how your building was both energy efficient and very beautiful. Is this something you plan to actually introduce to your town, or would that be too difficult of an endeavor?
    Good job!

  2. Hey Ziqian, This project ended up so well! I have enjoyed following along on your process and I can tell you have really accomplished a great project. I think it would be so nice to have a place for communities to get together and have a common building to build relationships. Also, having low energy consumption makes it ten times better. I still love the sky well and think that is such an unique design element. Great Job!

  3. Wow this is so cool!! i’m really impressed!!

  4. Great work, Ziqian!
    I loved your project idea and all of your materials were fantastic! I can really tell that you have gotten everything you could have from the course.

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