In what ways might an app help someone procrastinate less?

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Use the item that makes you procrastinate, do it less, with just an app!

What did you need to get done today? And what did you actually get done? I bet the essential things you needed to get done were not completed. Did you need to wash your clothes, clean your room or take the dog on a walk? We have all been there, where we have the time to complete that homework assignment a day early but just wait and do it an hour before. Procrastination, “the action of delaying or postponing something”, is an entity we do everyday and can be used from the smallest to biggest actions that need to be gotten done. This can be easily fixed, we just need to organize our time and get it done.

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  1. Hey Dalia!
    Your app sounds awesome! I am a big procrastinator so I would definitely benefit from your app. I love the idea of the tile and reward system. I think something motivating like a reward is necessary to keep people on track and motivated to pursue their tasks! Well done!

  2. Hi Dalia,
    I like your app idea and I think it would be a good way to solve the procrastinator ‘problem’. I do have a couple of questions though the first one is: Do you need to pay for the app? Secondly, what is the motivation for getting tiles? how do the tiles make you want them? I think that your idea has potential. Well done on your project.

  3. Hi Dalia! This is such a great idea, especially for students who need help managing their time. I really like the board game concept, with completing tasks to get to rewards and gaining tiles when getting distracted/going on the phone. I think your app would help people to work and complete tasks more efficiently.

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