Just Transitions: Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy

Prefer reading to watching? Here’s the transcript for what I’ll be saying in the video!

Want to achieve a just transition for Americans who need one? Here are some suggestions for how you can help:

  1. Share this presentation with students, colleagues, friends… anyone you think should learn about just transitions! If they’re pressed for time, you can send them this YouTube link to the video only.
  2. Do your research! You can use this link to see where 2020 presidential candidates stand on the fossil fuel industry, this one to look at information from New Climate Economy, and this one to begin exploring the Just Transitions Centre!
  3. Demand a debate on climate change! You can sign this petition asking the Democratic National Committee to host a primary debate focused solely on this issue. Candidates will be asked tough questions about their plans for the environment and workers.
  4. VOTE! Make sure your voice is heard when it comes to picking our elected officials. You can register for the first time or check your registration here.

Are you interested in my research process? Click here to view my bibliography.

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  1. May 03, 2019 by Paige

    This was very interesting and I think that the transformation from fossil fuels to clean energy is extremely significant to our worlds future. I did a project in my class on pollution in the world and it is interesting to see the other side of this, as I didn’t think about jobs during my project.

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