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Educational injustice is a problem around the world. What we so often take for granted is something people are still fighting for around the world. In our rapidly growing societies education has become more and more essential in order to get a position in the workforce as well as being aware of global and local issues. Whether this inequality is due to race, gender or social standings it must be demolished for the benefit of the global community. To this day 17% of the population remains uneducated and the quality of education should continue to develop to match global development.  

This app is made to educate and inform the audience of the ongoing problem of educational injustice specifically within the city of New Orleans. Following Hurricane Katrina, 60% of students in New Orleans went to schools in the bottom tenth of the schools in the entire state. As schools failed to develop in times many students were left without schools at all. Many schools have struggled to get the necessary resources and space to provide for the students and give them what they need for success. This problem although it seems largely irradicated within North America it still remains an issue as lower class families fail to get access to the required education to better social and economic status.

From an article from The Root, explaining how the charter school system affects economic development and educational injustice

This app serves to connect audiences to a platform for information and the ability to take action. Through education and information, this issue can be solved. This app contains access to many NGO’s working to get rid of this problem by promoting these platforms we can empower organizations willing to make a change. This will give users the opportunity to donate to the cause, volunteer and spread the need for change. Please take action to better this local and global issue.

Should educational equality be a right for all young individuals?
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