Plant Your Tree

The goal of the Plant Your Tree campaign is to encourage people to plant trees in their yard, not only to benefit the greater fight against climate change, but also to show the benefits tree planting has for the homeowner! It is about convincing people to plant their own trees because if every household in the U.S. planted just one tree, we could collectively clean over 42 billion pounds of CO2 from the air that year, which would help offset the effects of our carbon emissions on the atmosphere and our air quality. Climate change, although it is a big problem, individuals CAN have an impact. I prototyped a few web pages as well as some merch items!



Pitch Video and Works Cited

Apparel to Raise Awareness

Rubber Bracelet
Unisex T-Shirt

Web Pages

Real-Time Conversation

Please take this quick survey to let me know how you received the information in these web pages and how you feel you can take action today!

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  1. April 29, 2019 by Rebecca.Dunaief Reply

    Hi Michelle! I liked the way you organized your project with the different sections and interesting facts. I had no idea that if each household in the US planted one tree, we could collectively clean over 42 billion pounds of CO2 from the air that year. You give a great depiction of how to plant a tree and explain why it’s important. Is there a state in the US that lacks trees the most? Is the air quality worse there?

  2. April 30, 2019 by Cole.Wogan Reply

    Hi Michelle! I really like how you made your conference page an opportunity for real change in one’s lives. Unfortunately, according to recent climate studies ( planting trees is no longer enough to save the planet. Do you know any other alternative ways of preventing further climate change? Do you think capitalism is contributing to climate change?

  3. April 30, 2019 by Day.Nuckolls Reply

    Hi! Your catalyst conference is super intriguing. All of the pictures and the survey were eye catching as i read through it. The different word flow charts are definitely a change that I have seen from the other presentations and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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