Racial Inequality in Cleveland


Racial inequality is known as social disadvantages that affect different races within the in the United States. This can be boiled down to various reasons, the first of which is historic oppression. Through the United States history, this racial oppression can be shown by slavery and an important issue that must be dealt with.


Racial inequality usually leads to disadvantages to minorities. These minorities get less income, worse education, and decreased opportunities. Because of this, they aren’t able to open themselves up to equal opportunity, which creates an endless cycle.

Strategy for Change

In order for a change, we must raise awareness to people, that racial inequality is actually a problem. We need to be able to address this issue and stop denying that it exists. Also to make sure that we eliminate racial inequality we need to, provide equal education to all, this is the main reason as to why this issue is occurring. Not only do minority races need to have equal education to open up their future opportunities, but those from that majority need to be educated on what is happening around them and learn to accept different cultures and races.

Relevance to SDG

My app and problem are both based on the 10th sustainable development goal. With my app, I hope to raise awareness and show people all over the world that racial inequality is still an issue and exists everywhere. I also hope that this information can ignite a change so that our world becomes an equal place for everyone. There will be more information on the SDG in the link below.

What is Currently Happening

“Ignorance is bliss” by Thomas Gray, this is a quote by Thomas Gray that was an English poet writer in the 18th century. His quote directly describes what is happening today with Racial Inequality. Many people think that racial inequality is a problem of the past, but that is just because they are trying to protect themselves from the truth. Racial inequality exists everywhere in the world, people don’t get the same education because of their race, paychecks and unemployment aren’t defined by your skills and talents, but by your color and background. These are just some examples what happen today to the billions of people that are racially profiled. Below is an article that expands more on racial inequality in Cleveland, but remember racial inequality exists everywhere .

Racial Inequality App

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  1. April 27, 2019 by Everett.Honour

    Hey Omar. This issue is a very big and relevant issue in the United States. Your presentation is well organized and does a very good job at explaining the issue.

  2. April 30, 2019 by Donna Boucher

    This is such a big problem in the US that definitely needs to be addressed. I’ve never seen the statistics that you included here before, so that was eye-opening on how racial profiling affects non-whites. Making an app is an interesting way to connect with people and inform them of this issue. Good job!

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