Safety precautions possibly limiting public health advancements: When, if ever, should medical professionals have the ability to push for the use of non authorized medications in hopes of overall public benefit?


Synopsis of Information

Medication is a very broad genre that poses questions and concerns in almost every medical situation. Here, in this study, the goal is to observe and consider various opinions regarding how the prescription of certain medications should be controlled in different situations. Do medical professionals have the power to disobey regulations in the case of an emergency? What defines an emergency?

Let’s say a wild pandemic occurred(Who would think??) and we were low on medical equipment. Can risks be taken regarding vaccines and their safety for public use?

It is evident that some feel President Trump is circumventing regulations when it is not necessary and could pose a threat to medical regulations down the road. However…


Clearly, many experiencing rough medical conditions feel the need for new medicinal attempts and would agree with Trump’s efforts today. What are the risks of this?

Companies and Distributors are held extremely liable when providing expired, accidentally unrenewed, or purposefully unauthorized medication, as discussed in the article above. Therefore, it is easy for them to deny expedited medicinal research.

For Now Response

Risk vs. Benefit is the main idea here. The situations we see are unable to be prepared for. Therefore, health care professionals and distribution agencies must come together and weigh the risks and benefits of expedited medication before making decisions. If chosen to act, the health condition of the public must be a crisis.

But We Can Help

When made, these decisions are methodically prepared by health care professionals. Therefore, we must respect and support these decisions and the implications that they bring.

  • Responding in ways that negatively reflect the decision making ability of health care professionals could impact future crises. 

Feedback: After providing all of this, I am sure that I misinterpreted or am not fully educated on a certain topic/point. So, help me!

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  1. April 24, 2020 by Elana Munasinghe

    I think it’s a very smart idea to base your project on the Coronavirus, it relates to your current audience and due to that fact, people are more likely to look into it. Your balance of links to videos and short chunks of texts really keeps this page from looking like an essay or a movie streaming site, so good job on that front. Furthermore, What do you think you could do to spread your knowledge farther than just this website? Since it is important information, it would be best for more people to understand it, outside of this community of GOA students.

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